Tim Sweeney wants Unreal to power the cross-platform revolution

It's 2018 and developers are finally taking mobile games seriously -- or it's the other way around, depending on whom you ask.

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Kribwalker267d ago

Once again one party is holding back the future of gaming. I’m excited for the potential day we can have a literal console war, xbox vs PS4 Vs Switch gamers on some of these games. It would be awesome

“That means there's no reason, say, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can't link up and jump into games together. Well -- there's no technical reason. Sony has long been a holdout in this space, refusing to allow cross-console play. Both Microsoft and Nintendo are open to the idea, while the PC and mobile markets have been primed for years.

“"Fortnite runs on six platforms, so there are 36 combinations of platforms and 35 of them can all play together," Sweeney says. "We're one link away from having it all connected.”

Christopher267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Holding back the future of gaming is extremely hyperbolic.

Xbox can xplay with 34 other platforms. PS can xplay with 34 other platforms.

The only thing being held back is xplay between two direct competitors. One side who refused to xplay when they were in the lead and constantly downplayed the other as even being a competitor.

Xplay would be nice, but let's not act like this is holding back any gaming future as if these two determine everything and not the other 33 platforms. And let's not ignore that Microsoft is to blame for putting themselves in this position to begin with.

Maybe if Microsoft worked more with Sony rather than relying on Twitter for good PR without actual substance and nothing about what it would actually take to make it happen we would have Xplay.

Edit: having said that, Sony, if it's not going to happen just say it's not going to happen. Please don't use children as an excuse.

Kribwalker267d ago

it’s not just MS pushing them tho. Last year rocket league devs claimed they were calling sony every day to get them to accept it. Tekken devs have also called out sony for it as have Epic. There’s developers calling them out on it too. The Switch and Xbox will be crossplay on at least 4 announced games and if they get fortnite on the switch i could see them being crossplay again.

And with the future of gaming, i’m talking online gaming without borders. Its the closest it’s ever been, but for one holdout that keeps getting called out on it but never responds directly but for what you mentioned last year, “thinking of the children”

Christopher267d ago

***it’s not just MS pushing them tho.***

And it wasn't just Sony last generation.

How does that change the hyperbolic statement you made or free Microsoft from the responsibility of creating that divide in the first place?

***And with the future of gaming, i’m talking online gaming without borders.***

That's not the future of gaming, though. That's the future of a few games where PC, mobile, and console controls are similar and not an issue. Most games don't fit that model.

Malice-Flare267d ago

heh, Fortnite wouldn't even be this popular if PUBG had launched on PS4 as well, but lucky for them MS took PUBG as their exclusive...

neither would Rocket League be if PlayStation hadn't given it away as PS+ game...

besides, if nothing happened when Minecraft was not cross-play, i expect the same here...

VenomUK267d ago

@Malice-Flare I think your theory is absolutely right! Microsoft had scored a big win with the PUBG exclusive, the game every PC owner was talking about and PlayStation owners were left empty handed. Epic released Fortnite Battle Royale for free and it quickly filled that gap / especially as it had no competition on PS4. It also helped the game grow on XBO.

Blue Hole studio made a miscalculation in taking the exclusive money from Microsoft because it kept their game out of the hands of the biggest audience, PS4 owners. Now Fortnite has become massive with seemingly every streamer and YouTuber playing it. It would never have had the chance to be discovered by a mass audience if not for the PUBG exclusivity deal on XBO

Malice-Flare267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

it's not that cross-play isn't a good thing, it's just that for most of the audience, it's not important...

that Google Analytics graph shows it all...

xX1NORM1Xx267d ago

if fortnite on iphone X is anything to go by i believe him, check out some comparison videos digital foundry did a good one if anyone is interested.