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Sea of Thieves lacks depth, content, variety, the body of a kraken and any sense of progress. But hey, the water looks good.

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SeaOfZZZ265d ago

Yikes, glad I didn't buy this garbage.

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G20WLY265d ago

It's starting to look as though 'Elite Gamer' received a bung for their extremely early review.. 🤔

InKnight7s265d ago

Its 4k 60fps game with best water physics and its revoulation of sea games :)

aConIsDemocracy265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Yep. Give us a good review we'll give you a free copy of the game. lol.

Sgt_Slaughter265d ago

Assassin's Creed IV would be a better pirate-type game to play at this point. Might well put on the box that "WATER" is a special feature if the physics are one of the only pluses.

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DarXyde265d ago

It's really looking that way. I was skeptical of people spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt, saying that they might be jumping the gun, but there certainly seems to be greater consistency around worse reviews. To that end, I admit the skeptics called it.

It's really kinda sad. Rare was pretty emphatic in their ambition with the game. Who knows? Maybe it'll be worth it in a few months.

If nothing else, it's on Game Pass. It's rather interesting that the beta participants enjoyed it so much but the final game seems disappointing. I'm guessing people lied about playing it, were on the exclusive hype train, have questionable taste, or some combination. Was never going to buy this game, but I know people are/ were really looking forward to this. If you're reconsidering the investment, sorry to hear, chaps. It seriously sucks when games don't meet our expectations, irrespective of platform.

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bigmalky265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

And Eurogamer's X obsessed wankers are more interested in graphics over gameplay and value as usual.

They should change their name to Eurotechie, because it's clear they're more interested in console power than actual good games... That or they're in MS's pocket.

RacerX264d ago

What is it? No Man's Sea?

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trooper_265d ago

Can't say I'm surprised by the score.

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DarXyde265d ago

At the same time though, I doubt Microsoft cares about critical success. Commercial success, definitely. Critical success is something Rare will take to heart, but if it's profitable, Microsoft won't care if the game gets panned.

It breaks my heart to see great games do poorly and terrible games sell gangbusters. It's a tough place to be in, for sure.

IamTylerDurden1265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

I truly believe Microsoft is influencing these devs on their development decisions since they are all about GaaS and multiplayer now. I'd like to see companies like Rare make the game they want with no influence. Look at Conker, let them reboot it or go back to something that isn't heavily influenced by their publisher. Kinect, multiplayer, GaaS. Just let devs make the games they want.

Lionhead forced on Kinect and free 2 plays.

The Coalition only allowed to make Gears.

343 only allowed to make Halo.

Rare forced to make gimmicky Kinect games.

Rare has an incredibly rich history with Golden Eye, Conker, and Perfect Dark, even Kameo was good. It's a shame how they have been diminished by Microsoft forcing them to make Kinect games and now a GaaS experiment with Sea o Thieves. Part of the Reason Naughty Dog and now GG have been so successful is because Sony has allowed them to create with very little interference.

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Cyborgg265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

It's like No man sky all over again. Actually No man sky has a better score

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TGGJustin265d ago ShowReplies(4)
NoPeace_Walker265d ago

Terrible and bias review. The game is awesome. Played it for 5 hours straight yesterday. 👍🏼

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_-EDMIX-_265d ago

Anyone can play anything for 5 hours straight. Doesn't actually mean it's good these reviews are to inform the public about the quality of the game and about the content or lack thereof.

frostypants265d ago

I mean, it's cool that YOU like it, but general consensus appears to vastly disagree with you.

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IamTylerDurden1265d ago

You may have seen all it has to offer. It's obviously light on content. Too bad Rare missed again, they should just reboot Conker.

Knushwood Butt265d ago

NoPeace_Walker calling out some else for being biased.

Comedy gold.

Kyizen265d ago

Let me know if ur still playing in a week...

bluefox755265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

You played it for 5 hours? Well, I guess that's all I need to know.

Alucard_420265d ago

@NoPeace_Walker not any valid points totally bias in every way. You still hoping for that day that MicroShaft hires you? Give it up man I loyal to brands but you just take it too far.

drunkenspy007265d ago

What do you find awesome about it? There's nothing to do, game is boring as hell, but the water looks good? Seriously, can you tell me what I'm missing? And I wouldn't try to call out

killswitch80265d ago

I paid 9.99 for game pass again on my PC. I have played for a little over 12 hours with friends and its a complete blast. If you are playing solo I would avoid this game. Seems like a lot of fanboys came here to downvote people that like the game. Sorry if you are too cheap to be a multiplatform gamer. The friends I am playing with also love the game. With a 2 week free trial there is no reason not to try it.

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JohnRambo392265d ago

Maybe I should save my free one month game pass for something else.

Servbot41265d ago

Saving mine for State of Decay 2. Microsoft has announced NOTHING else that even remotely piques my interest, and Crackdown 3 is never gonna come out.

Shame that they let Crackdown 3 be in limbo since their first E3 but as soon as Scalebound missed a deadline they axed the whole project.

fr0sty265d ago

They know how much flak they're going to catch once the public realizes that cloud destruction tech doesn't work as well in the wild on the actual internet as it does in their controlled testing/demo environments.

The_Jackel265d ago

SOD2 would be the smarter option to use it for

Razmiran265d ago

I have a feeling that you are going to be saving that for another year

saint_seya265d ago

Did you just spell wrong "generation" :D?

IamTylerDurden1265d ago

I would. I never thought the MS big three of Sea o Thieves, SoD2, and Crackdown looked very good. Ashen on the other hand looks great.

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killswitch80265d ago

If you have friends to play with try it. Its awesome with friends but its really what your expectations of the game. I think people wanted this to be something else when its a sandbox game not a theme park.

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Gamist2dot0265d ago

The concept/game had so much potential to be a great hit. The end result was its got amazing water effects...
Curious how much money was spent on making this game.

Servbot41265d ago

Yeah, I'm not even mad its a XB1/PC exclusive, as I have an XB1 (sadly). I'm mad they spent zero effort into making it an actual game with actual content and rather on pre-release hype and astroturfing articles.

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Zenbaby369265d ago

They should have spent more on the game and less on paying people to stream it and talk about how great it is. It's not, and I'm glad we're getting real reviews. All these fanboys need to stop crying, y'all are too desperate for xbox to have a good exclusive, you're trying way too hard :( Or maybe, all these fanboys literally don't have another system to play games on and this is ALL they have. In that case I can see how tunnel vision could make you want to love the game bad enough you're delusional enough to actually think this is good.

zerocarnage265d ago

One fanboy here is you by looks of it.

Just because you mite not like it, doesn't mean others agree with you or have to, but you seem to think they need to agree with you and that itself is being delusional.

Zenbaby369261d ago

Well from the looks of it, more people agree with me than you? What exactly am I a fanboy of? "Mite" you please educate me?