Horizon Zero Dawn's mechanical animals were inspired by angry chickens and emus fighting kangaroos

Watching the BBC's phenomenal Planet Earth series multiple times won't magically make you a game developer - but it sure comes in handy when you're trying to animate believable creatures. The mechanized fauna of Horizon Zero Dawn are integral to the appeal of its post-post-apocalypse, making the open-world environment feel like an untamed, lived-in ecosystem. But with the Killzone series so focused on human silhouettes, Guerrilla Games had its work cut out when designing 25 different species of machine, including plenty of agile quadrupeds and oddly proportioned bipeds. Fortunately, the natural world was an ample source of inspiration when animating all that wildlife, as lead animator Richard Oud explained during his GDC 2018 talk "Bringing Life to the Machines of Horizon Zero Dawn."

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Neonridr244d ago

lol, that's an amazing source of inspiration.

Sm00thNinja244d ago

That's pretty fu**** cool!

Eonjay244d ago

LOL Can you imagine them doing 'research'

Sm00thNinja244d ago

I platinumed the main fame but have admittedly not played through the frozen wilds. This, Ni No Kuni 2 and possibly Sea of Thieves will take up my weekend

OffRoadKing244d ago

I actually just finished The Frozen Wilds myself, its fantastic!

uth11244d ago

they said Horizon would give us robot dinosaurs.

instead it gave us robot chickens, allegators, crabs, bears, giraffes.

i still like the game, but there arent really many 'dinosaurs'

KwietStorm244d ago

That sounds like a hilarious Friday night watching NatGeo.