RPGamer: Master of the Monster Lair Review

It is fully possible that Master of the Monster Lair is a child's dream come true: a fascinating dungeon-making RPG for tots. For anyone with gaming experience, though, this snooze-fest is a slow, boring, repetitive waste of time. The game is surprisingly long -- around sixty hours -- and its potential really shines near the end. In the final floors, the Magic Shovel's MP is high enough for the player to construct large swaths of the dungeon at a time. There is a wide variety of rooms to place, and most can attract more than one type of monster.

There is an assortment of enemies. Truly, the game is fun at that point, when all the good aspects are there without any of the limits on diversity and dungeon-altering actions. It is way too late, though, and not worth drudging through fifty hours of tedious mediocrity just to see what the game could have been.

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