Sega & Sonic Are Back. Just Not How We Expected

Like the title suggests, Sonic is back! Teaming up with Puma to launch the new RS-0 Line. The RS-0 is a relaunch from the previous RS line in the 1980's; I would imagine that this new relaunch will be headlined by the partnerships shoe 'PUMA x SEGA RS-0 SONIC'. Do not be alarmed, the pictures you see and the video included in this article show casing a pix-elated shoe is NOT the actual shoe.

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TheLegend1985265d ago

your site has some cool articles. I am new on here and I started off by reading your far cry 5 review. thanks for that. this shoe is cool too, you getting one lol

JROCKNXL265d ago

glad you are enjoying n4g and our articles. have fun on here. alot of great articles