The Fallout from Fallout 3's Piracy

Ripten writes:

"Vault 101 just got plundered.

The eagerly anticipated Fallout 3 is nearly upon us, yet a full three weeks before its release rapacious pig-fuckers cracked the game and offered it via various torrent sites.

This is the third AAA title that has been hacked and cracked in as many months, leaving publishers frothing at the mouth as they consider even more draconian digital rights management.

To the casual observer this may seem like an overzealous response to retain the vast sea of greenbacks the industry seems to float upon. And that certainly is a concern, after all Electronic Arts is not motivated from a position of altruism. This is about control of their product, control of their intellectual property, and control of the consumer." ...

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sushipoop3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Next time think twice before you focus so much on the 360 platform, Bethesda. You're already losing money and the game hasn't even been officially released yet. Sony is here to wipe away those tears.

Nostradavis3687d ago

I am guessing this is more in line with the open zone area...


I know these game companies makes millions and millions of dollars . If you like the work why not support it . Its the same with Music for me . If I like the the artist I will support it . But who doesn't like free at this day and age .

DNAgent3687d ago

A game that alienates previous fans to cater to the casual gamer isn't a AAA game at all. I also think it's funny how Bethesda is crying about the piracy for this game. I think it's hilarious and more people should pirate this garbage. I won't be playing the game regardless as this game pretty much ruins the series but the less sales they get from this game, the better.

That's what the idiots get for not making it a PS3 exclusive (so they wouldn't be crying about people pirating their game right now) and then they also decide not to give the PS3 exclusive DLC or trophies.

I'm perfectly happy watching people pirate this game and I hope a lot more people do the same.

Xi3687d ago

there tends to be a finger-trap effect with regards to DRM, the tougher it is, the less friendly people are with it, and the more they are to pirate. However At the same time you see things such as IRC, which is free recieve much more support. Maybe the option isn't more DRM, but more in the line of steam.

Not to mention that the xkcd makes a very valid point.

cjg233686d ago

I have made a promise to myself that I will never purchase any pc game that comes with DRM. And this is my main platform mind you, I don't care how good a game is I will not buy it. I don't mind paying for games and supporting the developers for their work, they have to eat too. I'm not a "pirater" by any means, DRM is a crock plain and simple and you know what I'll just do what everyone else does and just dl'd it without the DRM nonsense. These companies are only hurting themselves with this DRM crap lets face the facts. There are also ways to ghost your IP while you download so GG EA and other companys take DRM and shove it you know where.

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