The End of Grainger Games?

Despite strong performance over the new year, there may be trouble ahead for the UK's leading independent video game store.

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-Foxtrot267d ago

Shame if the Grainger Games at the Grainger Market shuts's been there for years.

ocelot07267d ago

I hope they survive I actually enjoy going into my local GG. Both GAME and GG are like 4 stores apart at my local shopping centre. Always people in GG and GAME is most of the time a ghost town. They also smash GAME when it comes to buying new titles and pre owned.

For example Sea Of Thieves. You go into GAME it's £45 go into GG and it's £39.99 and this is what it's like most of the time. GG do try to keep up with internet prices. What does boggle my mind is every huge launch like FIFA and COD the lines are out of the door at GAME. Yet spite GG being a few pound cheaper no one is inside buying a copy they are all lining up outside game to pay £5 more. As mentioned above any other time GAME is a ghost time due to the silly prices.