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Sea of ​​Thieves is a limited and extremely mediocre game that contains several parts that do not feel completely complete. Certainly, the sunsets reflecting in the wonderfully well-made water impresses and the initial joy does not let go of it. The feeling of joy is, however, tricky and after a couple of hours the reality is creepy and you'll be left with a full-priced game where it's hard to find reasons to play.

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Daz149d ago

Well I love the game. I want to become a legend pirate. I was expecting more from the Kraken.

The Wood148d ago

Good for you bro. Bottom line to be honest. At least you can name a fault. Others dare not break the fb treaty. Sadly some of my kinsmen will focus on these scores by the way of malice, rivalry, banter or revenge. It happens across the board. .

Eonjay148d ago

A friend of mines told me about a technique he had for digesting reviews. He basically said take the best review and the worst review and throw them out. There are going to be people on both sides of the spectrum at extremes. This doesn't however provide an accurate representation of how most will feel. Therefore, he seeks out the average of scores and reads those reviews.

gums007148d ago

My technique is to play the game and decide for myself. Now there's a thought!

IamTylerDurden1148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

The game probably isn't a 5 but it certainly doesn't appear to be a 9.3. I find it extremely odd that 2 days after release there was still a quasi review embargo. Metacritic user reviews are at about a 6/10 which sounds more or less right considering all the issues.

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bouzebbal148d ago

Best game rare has ever made... Nothing is left of rare.. RIP

darthv72148d ago

So.... why is there so many people saying they are having fun with this game if the reviewers say otherwise?

I mean fun should be the main reason to play a game....... right?

DogJosha148d ago

@Eonjay based on your friend's technique, you would ignore the few bad reviews that breath of the wild had. While they may have scored the game too low, those low reviews were probably the only reviews with some true insight into how the game truly was. The truth is that reviews are hardly ever even close to unbiased now and you need to read the content of them ALL or just go ahead and ignore every last one.

fr0sty148d ago

The fact that all of the reviews have the same complaint, that the game lacks substance, is good evidence that the game actually does lack substance.

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DaDrunkenJester148d ago

I'm loving it also. A lot of fun with a friend or 2. Still quite a bit I haven't done yet though.

RpgSama148d ago

"Still quite a bit I haven't done yet though."

I sure hope so, unless you've been playing for 2 days straight (and even then) there should be a lot more than just quite a bit to be done.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago

How do you feel about the fetch quests?

DaDrunkenJester148d ago


The quests are just something to follow while the real fun and adventure unfolds around that mission. None of the fun I had was directly caused by just catching a chicken. It was the random encounters with real people, stopping and exploring a sunken ship and fighting off sharks, and just messing around with my crew.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I don't doubt it can be fun goofing around with others, i just feel like this title could've been a free 2 play. If it was i don't there would be so much backlash.

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maybelovehate148d ago

I did, but it was bugged out and didn't function at all sadly.

nRicosS148d ago

Its not bugged, but you have to download the body of kraken via dlc

MegamanXXX148d ago

Dam a 5. That's kinda brutal. I gave it a 7

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IamTylerDurden1148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

After watching streams and reading numerous user reviews the game appears to have issues.

LACK OF CONTENT - just like a free 2 play game on day 1 it will take time to fill out the world.

SERVER ISSUES - we were told that Microsoft has the best dedicated servers and online infrastructure..

LACK OF COSMETICS - with cosmetics being the only reward for progressing it's troubling to see a lack of them.

LACK OF PROGRESSION - the is no character progression so it leaves little incentive to keep playing.

TERRIBLE QUESTS - filled with fetch quests and redundant busy work the quest system is very poor.

BAD GROUND COMBAT - the ship combat looks good but the ground combat is hollow and mediocre.

LACK OF GUNS & SHIPS - severe lack of guns (only 2 or 3?) and ships for a game that's loot based.

"KRAKEN" - there has been very little added since the betas. The Kraken was used to hype the game, it's an unfinished joke (the Kraken).

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MorpheusX148d ago (Edited 148d ago )


Makes you wonder, why this game has been in development so long, @ least 4 years, & this is all Microsoft/Rare have to show for it?

Hmm. Strange.

Should have been F2P imo with level of content on release.

Attention: This kinda stuff is why Microsoft catches so much hell from game consumers.

It doesn't seem like they care anymore. Main focus on Xbox Live & Services.

Then Xbox fans feel personally attacked when game consumers complain, say negative things, & write Microsoft off.


this is another fine example why there's such contempt for Microsoft in the Gaming Sector.

And Microsoft is charging $60?.

Why? Smh.

_-EDMIX-_148d ago

So even people who love the game are still expecting more? How does that bode well for the future of this publisher?

I'm sorry but for the price of a $60 game for a game that has been in development for years and a game that's supposed to be a Redemption for this development team this is just shoddy workmanship it is extremely low quality in something that is below the standard for a AAA game in what we come to expect in this industry.

So I'm not entirely sure how they're going to be matching up against some of the best teams in gaming like Sony Santa Monica or naughty dog or Guerilla Games or Kojima Productions when you have their own development teams that are basically missing basic enemies..

So at this point is Microsoft even going to release full price games anymore if they're just going to be budget value quality? I never thought I would have saw the day where Microsoft releasing multiple titles with bad quality and missing content.

I mean sure over the years we always had our own views on Microsoft Back in the Day titles like Halo Gears of War Alan Wake Fable what have you had great quality now they're just releasing very very shoddy games.

At this rate we're actually still waiting for them to even produce any new games that are to the quality of what Gears of War was last generation...

Can we even say Microsoft has anything equivalent to a new IP that was on the scale of what we saw from Gears or Alan Wake or Mass Effect or anything?

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XiNatsuDragnel148d ago

Yikes I knew this was going to happen

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