DOOM Xbox One X Update Reportedly Coming Soon

DOOM is going to get an Xbox One X update soon judging from change to the official support website. DOOM patch for the Xbox One X was initially listed as in development on the support website.

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bolimekurac149d ago

awesome, been holding out until it was enhanced so this is awesome news, i still have 20 other games in my back catalog so this will come just in time

149d ago
ApexWolf22149d ago

Nice, now I can finally get around to playing it. I've been patiently waiting for this and Alien Isolation, I need 4K aliens in my life lol

Dlaw76149d ago

Great news any word on GTAV getting a update

Eldyraen149d ago

I bought a physical copy dirt cheapfrim clearance rack just for X. Already had it on PS4 pre-Pro.

MegamanXXX149d ago

I played this game in 4K 60fps on PC I'm sure the X owners will love it in that resolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.