The Untold Truth of the Red Ring of Death

The Red Ring of Death was a huge deal for several years following the Xbox 360's launch, and the deeper story behind this famous hardware failure is downright fascinating.

SVG takes closer look at what exactly the Red Ring of Death was, how Microsoft handled the issue, and how fear of more red rings inspired Microsoft's later console designs.

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glenn1979266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

6 xbox 360 die on and that was it no more xbox for me, I have change the heat sink put some bigger fan and they work for a couple of month than thing was like a F-17 in my room was I was playing hehe

crazyCoconuts266d ago

I went through 5 360's. Should have known that Philippines support department on a first name basis lol. Always escaleted to their supervisors so never had to pay for the replacement thankfully, but they didn't make it easy.

Agent_00_Revan266d ago

I also had 5. Bought first launch day and died around the 100day mark. Was so scared because the warranty was only for 90 in the beginning. They replaced that one with one that was even worse. RRoD AND disc try jammed. Sent that one back, got next one lasted a few months. #4 lasted 2.5 years. Wasn't even using it at that point, already switched to PS3. But one day my wife accidentally hit the controller or something and it turned on, with RR. Thanks to the 3 year warranty by that point I got one last one.

crazyCoconuts266d ago

It's weird that it's the least reliable hardware I've ever owned, but I still look back fondly on the 360. It was Xbox at it's best on all the other fronts.

aConIsDemocracy266d ago

I had 3 that died. Give up after that. Still not as bad as ring sting. :)

InTheZoneAC266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

I was working at GameStop when the 360 released. For about a year we had at least one 360 returned, traded, or sold daily due to the rrod. When I hear people were on their 3rd+ i just don't comprehend why they stick to and defend such a lousy product.

aConIsDemocracy266d ago

i know. it took me a while. since then i haven't had one PlayStation fail on me. Quality always wins.

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