US: Switch achieves highest installed base for a console platform in history over first 12 months

The February 2018 NPD results were reported today. Switch wasn’t the top selling console, but Nintendo does have some news to feel encouraged about.

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Moonman268d ago

Congrats to Nintendo, talk about a resurgence!

marloc_x267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Being on the verge of both Pokémon and Smash..

..naysayers best look forward to trolling a 24 month record.

Sono421267d ago

Pokemon is not coming out until 2019. I bet my life savings on that, but yes Smash on Switch is hopefully coming this september, any later and I riot because I can't wait!

roadkillers267d ago

Yeah, if they can do Pokemon right on a console, that would sell me. Its odd, Nintendo took 1 year to give me games that I wanted, Sony has taken at least 3 years.

morganfell267d ago

Congrats to Nintendo, but..."“Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in February,” said Piscatella. “And it remains the best-selling console year to date.”

marloc_x267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

🤦‍♂️..perhaps put together a submission about that Tweet morgan..🙄

morganfell267d ago

I don't have to. It's part of the same story.

267d ago
marloc_x267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

"Nintendo was February's leading publisher in software dollar sales.."
- Mat Piscatella 🙃

eagle21267d ago

What is the spin for? Nintendo and PlayStation are killing it and there are no "buts"

Wrex369267d ago

This lmao games are great they're doing great.

michellelynn0976267d ago

Both did great. They both outsold Microsoft by almost 100k. Wow.

wonderfulmonkeyman267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Like others said, Swith also took most software sold on top of this.
Sony's got a few years lead, meaning more time to build reputation, so of course they're still going to out-sell them sometimes in hardware sales, but you can't spin the fact that the Switch has broken records across the globe, even some that the PS4 set.
It's the first hybrid of its kind made by any of the big 3 and it's doing well in both of the markets it covers.
There's no "but" here.XD

Gameseeker_Frampt267d ago

"Like others said, Switch also took most software sold on top of this"

No, it didn't. Is it really that hard to read the NPD tweets? It says that Nintendo was the top publisher for sales, not that Switch was sold the most software.

Jaypi03267d ago

@morganfell Geez you must be fun at parties. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" "Yeah it's my birthday...but i'm still going to die eventually." yeesh.

Let people be happy.

Blueraven316267d ago

Nintendo fanboys have to try and spin something no matter what. What an annoying bunch of weirdos that play kiddy games

Tazzy267d ago

And you're commenting on an article that has to do with Nintendo there kiddy. You people that bash Nintendo shouldn't care about what is going on with what they're doing. It goes to show that when it comes to intelligence you bashers lack it because you're commenting on articles about Nintendo.

Neonridr267d ago

I don't know what's more sad.. the fact that you said that.. or that you have almost as many agrees as disagrees.

I would love to watch a kid play BOTW and repeatedly die... over and over again.

Nintentional267d ago

Dude, not enjoying content with a wide age demographic appeal just because it looks too “kiddy” is what actually makes you look chidish. It makes you sound like you can’t enjoy fun things, because you want so bad to be a “gwown up” because, “I’m a big boy now.”

Blueraven316267d ago

Nah it’s just hilarious seeing grown people get upset over someone making fun of their childish games they like😂😂😂 ;😂😂😂

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SuperSonic91267d ago

Didn't Xbox 360 achive the most install base of 10 million even before the PS3 and Wii launched?

And look at what happened... Xbox 360 wound up 3rd and last.

TekoIie267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Oh yes that's wonderful logic if we just forget that the Switch launched after the PS4 and Xbox One, and has outdone all expectations so your example kind of falls flat.

Blueraven316267d ago

How about year one worldwide. Oh yea then kidtendo fans wouldn’t have anything to talk about lmao

PrinceVegeta267d ago

You invested in Sony stock or something?

Nintentional267d ago

Duhh, which only makes sense. The PS4 has a library that’s 4 years strong, the Switch doesn’t. I know a lot of people that have Switches, and I also know a lot of people that are already sold on buying one, but they’re just waiting for there to be a few more games.

Bro, by your logic, if Sony is so great, then why couldn’t they outsell the Switch’s year one numbers with their PS4? Way to try to downplay Nintendo’s success, man smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Kribwalker267d ago

Wow, i’ve loved my switch since day one. Great work Nintendo

DeadlyOreo267d ago

Same! All I need is my Switch and PS4 this gen. Best of both worlds.

Neonridr267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

agreed.. I have my bases covered (Switch + Pro). Plus a Gaming PC for any MS exclusives that I don't want to buy an XB1 for..

mcstorm267d ago

I'm the other way round im switch and Xbox but that's because I'm a racing fan and Xbox offers me more than playstation on this side this gen. That said I am seeing a trend of xbox/playstation owners picking up a switch also which is great for Nintendo and kind of on point to what the Wii did with the 360 and ps3 gen. Interesting times for Nintendo.

FallenAngel1984267d ago

It’s like the rise of a phoenix

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