60° Jeffrey Kaplan BlizzCon Interview

World of Warcraft's Game Director Jeffrey Kaplan took time out from his busy BlizzCon schedule to sit down with WorldofWar.Net to give them the low-down on everything WotLK. The interview covers everything from player housing through to Lich King going Gold, to Blizzard's plans for the future of the Horde and Alliance.

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Leord3717d ago

Nooooooooooooo! I want player housing. Well, perhaps not PLAYER housing, but guild halls at least! :'(

Maticus3717d ago

It's not an impossibility ^ ^

Medievaldragon3717d ago

Can't wait to get my collector's edition delivered to install it and get into Northrend to start leveling up. Those who are hesitant in making the jump to the expansion, I have played beta. It's just awesome. Much better than Burning Crusade. Heroes such as Sylvanas, Thrall, Varian Wrynn and Broll / Valeera fighting alongside you.

Maticus3717d ago

I agree, it's certainly worth getting the expansion. It's incredible.

Evilswissmiss3717d ago

I'll be waiting in line at midnight. :D

Maticus3717d ago

Me too, this expansion will be so huge!

kalos3717d ago

I am disappointed by the lack of Guild Housing, somewhere to retreat to that was unique and personalised for the guild you were in would have been nice.

Maticus3717d ago

I'm sure it will come eventually.

Medievaldragon3717d ago

theoretically they could create Housing using phase technology. Wouldn't be too hard to do.

Jinxstar3717d ago

Just instance it. Like the PVP halls used to be. Too easy. They wont though... not anytime soon anyway.