Sea of Thieves is temporarily closed to new players while Rare sorts out server wobbles

From Sea of Thieves Twitter: “In order to resolve the issues players are seeing with the servers, we will be temporarily suspending new players joining the game. We'll get everyone back in and playing as quickly as we can!”

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SpaceRanger182d ago

Dang, sounds like it’s going well but going rough as well for them.

uGLYmE181d ago

I’m almost starting to feel bad for Xbox fans...

Razzer181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Eurogamer article updated. Servers opened up again.

edit: wait....this is from yesterday? n4g's sense of time is wacky.

JamieReleases181d ago

Some articles take time to approve unfortunately, and this is one of those stories that's time sensitive!