Gears of War 2 Spoilers (Sort of)

Chris Buffa of GameDaily writes:

"What Microsoft doesn't want you to know about its big, bad sequel."

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Mr PS33631d ago

This Steaming Pile of Monkey Crap

trancefreak3631d ago

lol gears is looking hot man if it was on a ps3 you would play it and i know i would.

Pain3631d ago

That M$ has Gears of war 3, Then all planed out for XBOX 3 and waiting for the Bots to buy.

Radiodread3631d ago

MGS4 ON 360 NOW! WHOOOHOOO even though I think THAT game is a steaming pile of crap, anything that hurts a ps3 fanboy by losing exclusives is welcome in my book.

Internet Trolling Ex3631d ago

Yes,the lack of AAA quality games have made this Pig both blind and delusional

The Tour Man3631d ago

How the fuk does MGS4 relate to this article. Damn, just comes to show how dumb fanboys are especially this kid.

trancefreak3631d ago

that myth has been debunked mgs4 only on ps3 man.

himdeel3631d ago one can tell me any different, because they haven't played the game yet :)

Harry1903631d ago

Chris Buffa, the guy who reviews games after playing only the first act.

trancefreak3631d ago

This ps3 owner wants gears 2 i will buy a arcade or a pro just to play it.


Don't waste your money,it's a snore fest :)

trancefreak3631d ago

i got lbp pre order too and my kratos costume code from gamestop. I think lbp will keep me and my busy but i still want geow2.

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The story is too old to be commented.