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BlizzCon Costume Contestants Interview

Pig from WanderingGoblin.com managed to interview the beautiful Eredar Twins that took part in the Costume Contest at the huge BlizzCon event over the weekend. Check out the interview to see what they had to say about the contest, how they made their costumes, what their guild mates think of them, and much more. (Culture, PC, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King)

Leord  +   2384d ago
Is there something wrong with me, but I have a thing for Draenei (or eredar, whatever) O.O
Maticus  +   2384d ago
I think a large proportion of WoW players do :P
darker  +   2384d ago
Looks hot indeed... =)
JsonHenry  +   2383d ago
Those chicks are okay. (not great) But the guy kinda bothers me. He seems like he is trying to hard to be cool. Maybe he is just nervous in front of a camera?
Evilswissmiss  +   2384d ago
They are certainly the most charming pair of Draenai I've seen in a while. :P
kalos  +   2384d ago
How curious. I shall file away in my favorites, another article done well by the Pig, and well chosen too.
Maticus  +   2384d ago
Yeah that dude is great :D
Medievaldragon  +   2384d ago
That was some hot draenei indeed. Did you get the group of fans disguised as Horde? With the crazy undead girl with stitches on her face? That was so cool. It will take me a while to get her screenshot up online. Don't have the bluetooth cord home.

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