Swiffs Weekly Rant 14th Oct 2008 - Tekken 6 going to 360 is no big deal

This week

- Tekken 6 on the 360 is no big deal
- Too many games come out so close together in the holiday season
- Obama Experiences Racism

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PirateThom3711d ago

Tekken on another platform would have been big news a few years ago, now the game barely sells a million copies.

41GClassic3711d ago

tekken is so awesome, i hope the online in tekken 6 is solid.
Because tekken dr online gets real laggy.

EasilyTheBest3711d ago

Dont suppose it is a big deal but its funny lol.

A while back,

Sony Fanboy - " Tekken will never ever arse is on fire, will never come to 360. Its Sony Exclusive! So n so said so... Link Link Link"

Right Now

Sony Fanboy - " MGS will never come to 360, never ever"

Look Microsoft is loaded with cash, get use to it Nasim and Multiple account friends.
NO 60 million lead this time guys...
No games for 360 in 2007
No games for 360 in 2008
Now its no games for 360 in 2009. lol

When is the PS3 suppose to catch up now?????????
Has that changed from the 1st 3 months of release to sometime in 2009!!!??? lololol

Sony Fans = Religious cult

El_Colombiano3711d ago

I bet you think you're not a hypocrite, don't you.

EasilyTheBest3711d ago

El_Colombiano - Great comeback, its just right up there...

El_Colombiano3711d ago

No no, that was no comeback, I was serious. I guarantee you have NO idea what a hypocrite you really are.

Radiodread3711d ago

hypocrites, can't really use that comeback.