Ubsoft Reaches Agreement with Vivendi for its full exit from Ubisofts share capital

Today Ubisoft told Vivendi where to go, as Ubisoft signs an agreement eityh Vivendo for their full exit from Ubisofts Shares worth a whopping 30,489,300. Ubisoft have done with with to new long term investors Ontario Teachers’ Public Equities division who acquired 3,787,878 Ubisoft shares (3.4% of capital), and Tencent has committed to acquire 5,591,469 Ubisoft shares (5.0% of capital).

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269d ago
Angainor7269d ago

Huge win, well done!!!!!!

IamTylerDurden1269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

I don't agree with you all. I'm not happy about this deal. Ubisoft has turned into a greedy company and the deal with Tencent is obviously to help Ubisoft expand more heavily into the GaaS market.

Ubisoft has been a major offender this gen with downgrades/fake footage and MTs. They've been clear about their intentions to go full GaaS and now they have more power? And on top of that they are aligning with a company that can only help them venture further into the GaaS and/or the mobile market. It just doesn't look great to me.

And please, if you disagree please let me know why.

Magnetar269d ago

Cry some more. Udisoft has handled their gaas better than most companies by supporting their games with consistent content. Rainbow six is one of the best shooters on the market, with a larger user count than cod or bf going into its third year.

yellowgerbil269d ago

You do realize that that has nothing to do with anything.
For years ubisoft, a family run company has been fighting to keep a major corporation from taking over. This is a win g creators and the little guys who build something through the old fashioned method, hard work.

IamTylerDurden1269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Are you kidding? Rainbow 6 Siege turned into an excellent game but Ubisoft lied through their teeth when they first showed the game at E3. That demo of Rainbow 6 Siege with Aisha Tyler on stage i'll never forget. It was such utter bs from voice actors dubbed in on post pretending to be beta testers to obscenely gorgeous and unreal visuals, lighting, AI and physics that didn't even come close to representing the final project. To me the R6S announce demo was more egregious than Watchdogs.

The Division

All three games above were severe downgrades with misleading footage.

AC Unity was an embarrassment because Ubisoft got greedy by releasing two AC at the same time and started milking the franchise.

For Honor was a massive AAA mp game that didn't have dedicated servers.

Ubisoft hasn't been perfect with GaaS, people ended up hating The Division and the price to pay for all of For Honor's dlc was absurdly high.

Did the AC series really need MTs? Helix points or whatever they call it?

Maybe they started as a family company with values but Ubisoft has turned into a greed machine.

Omegasyde269d ago

I disagree thier GaaS model is actually good Vs EA and activision. Look at Rainbow Six for example.

fenome268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

So you think them being acquired by Vivendi would be better for gaming?

Look at the IPs Ubisoft holds, regardless of whether or not they're collecting dust right now or not Vivendi would crush it in the dirt. I hate the turns this industry is taking as much as the next guy, but at least Ubisoft is still willing to support young development teams and creativity through the industry.

Vivendi doesn't give a shit about any of that, they just want to try to monopolize everything and turn it into corporate conglomerate bullshit, straight up, they're worse than EA.

I get why you're worried about the whole Tencent thing, but they didn't swoop enough shares to actually change shit up, so no worries there. They might back and forth on mobile and who knows push that Gass pedal, but this is the lesser evil either way. They're not selling out to Tencent, they just bought some shares, Vevendi was on the verge of a straight takeover, HUGE difference there.

Vivendi has actually been a threat breathing down Ubis neck for a long time now. I'd hate to see how far this all would get twisted up if EA and Vivendi were competing to see who could be the worst, Battlefront II ain't nothing, I'm telling you.

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Bretty269d ago

Good for Ubisoft. Interested to see what happens from here.

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