PS Plus April 2018 Free Games Predictions

Check out the latest predictions from the PlayStation Universe team.

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Christopher117d ago

Please PM me thoughts on this type of content if you're reading this. We want to be open to opinions, but are these just easy monthly content drips that don't add to the conversations and aren't based on any actual information from Sony or do you like them and the discussion of games that could possibly come to PS+/GWG?


Muzikguy117d ago

“just easy monthly content drips that don't add to the conversations”

Nailed it right there.

G20WLY116d ago

It's nonsense. It just generates traffic for lazy sites and takes the focus away from real news.

Tell us what the games are, not what your tea leaves say!

Grimwood117d ago

Shouldn't approve 90% on here then.

_-EDMIX-_117d ago

be like " Days Gone, Spider-Man " lol

OffRoadKing117d ago

I predict there will be free games. Lets see if I'm right.

SickSinceSix117d ago ShowReplies(1)
Eidolon117d ago

IDK Man, I think you're over-reaching. Let's just wait and see.

SickSinceSix117d ago

Marked as inappropriate? Really?

OffRoadKing117d ago

Your comment probably was seen as looking to incite an argument based on something that has been argued to death and at the end of the day is semantics. Someone could easily argue that the games are free and what you're paying for is multiplayer access. Yes if you cancel your service you lose the games but that's no different on xbone. Its fair to say though most people who subscribe to a service such as PS Plus or XBLG or Gamepass stay subscribed long enough to complete a game they downloaded, so in that regard you did play the game for free. A lot of its up to perception though and how you chose to see it. I think of them as being free but you dont have to.

Eidolon117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

It's irresponsible to not pay $50 a year for PS4 and XBL. How cheap can you be. -.-. Bet the same people who spend much more than that per month on coffee and burgers. Might as well say the games are yours.

boing1117d ago

I'm paying for cloud storage and multiplayer. Everything else is a bonus.

zivtheawesome117d ago

i could see them doing GoW 3 remaster to get more GoW hype, or maybe it's too late at this point for that.

Muzikguy117d ago (Edited 117d ago )


These prediction articles 🙄

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