Third-party GPU manufacturers have removed the 'gaming' brand label from their AMD graphics cards

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier this month, HardOCP published a really interesting story about NVIDIA’s GPP program. According to HardOCP’s sources, this program prohibited – among other things – third-party GPU manufacturers to use their gaming brand label on both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. And even though some claimed that this was merely a rumour, today we’ve discovered some third-party manufacturers – that create GPUs for both companies – who have already removed their gaming brand label from their AMD graphics cards."

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haydenlake89d ago

Disgusting. Boycott Nvidia.

thekhurg89d ago

No thanks. When AMD can actual compete for more than 1 week with Nvidia I might consider it. Until then, I'll stick with the brand of GPU that actually works correctly.

Princess_Pilfer89d ago

Either you're a troll, you're a fanboy/girl, or you haven't looked at any of the benchmarks for anything releases since the Vega 56 came out. Because if you're buying anything short of a GTX1080, AMD rivals Nvidia performance in most games.

Also, Nvidia has a history of this crap. Doing things like creating middleware that has no purpose other than to bog down AMD cards for no visual gain, forcing AMD to waste time and money implementing driver level overrides to fix it. (Cough hairworks cough)

thekhurg88d ago

I was going to take your comment seriously and try to start a line of dialog about this until you spoke about no visual gain features then specifically pointed out hairworks.

Yeah. Hairworks is amazing on each game that I've played that has used it. AMAZING. Makes me wonder if you're the fanboy for AMD and the hater of Nvidia.

haydenlake88d ago

Poor slave needs his graphics fix over respect as a consumer; can’t see that Nvidia’s assholery is bad for both loyalists and the opposition. If Nvidia gets away with this you let me know how much a great deal Nvidia cards and how well they work.

shauzy88d ago

I honestly like the exclusive features that come with nvidia so im staying with nvidia

thekhurg88d ago

I'm a slave because I like performance and features?


Then a slave I am. I'll take my 1080Ti over anything AMD has produced to date, every single day of the week.

haydenlake88d ago

You’re a slave because you have no self respect, and since you’re a slave exit from all conversations with humans and converse with your fellow slaves. Goodbye.

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jaymacx89d ago

Why is nvidia even doing this?( its a rhetorical question) Cryptocurrency has all the cards sold out or sold at insane prices. Something needs to be done about retail prices or us mid range pc users will be buying prebuilt systems or go console only SMH.

jukins89d ago

Yea even my hardcore pc friends who usually shun pre built have gone that route and they basically bought pre built to pull the gpu and sell the rest just so they can get the gpu in the at a somewhat normal retail price kinda crazy.

Ebay recently had a 20% off coupon and I still paid $270 for an rx 580 8gb

Kokyu89d ago

It will keep gpu prices high from lack of competition and that will get some peope to buy consoles.

Razzer89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

This is not removing competition. This is all about branding. I don't see this having any effect on consoles.

zb1ftw77789d ago


Consumer looks for "gaming" PC.

Only finds inflated Nvidia options.

Thinks "fuck this. I'm not spending 2,500 for a top gaming machine or 1,000 for a mid gaming machine. I'll get a Pro or X for third of the price".

AMD comes out a winner due to their console hardware contributions.

Razzer89d ago

"Only finds inflated Nvidia options. "

lol....except that will not be the case.

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GameBoyColor89d ago

Nasty business and borderline illegal! The fact that a lot of companies and reviewers are staying quiet about this is really annoying too and adds a whole lot more to how shady this is.

ocelot0789d ago

It's why I stick to the likes of Linus and Adoredtv on YouTube they tell it like it is and this bs where most other sites will simply brush this under the rug so Nvidia keep sending them cards.

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