How Does God Of War Stack Up To It's Predecessors?

With the new God of War reboot debut just over a month away, we had to get in on this. Check out some of what you can look forward to on release

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chrisx185d ago

all I know is that this game looks to be another masterpiece again in the ps4s library.

mikeslemonade184d ago

2, 4, 1, 3, Acension, Sparta, Olympus in that order ranked.

Jaypi03184d ago

@Affrogamer I think he's ranking them based on what he's seen so far.

AspiringProGenji185d ago

I think this will top GoW 2 regardless of Nostalgia. I’ve been seeing nothing but great gameplay and previews. And, they are even allowing swapping R1 and R2 with Square and Triangle for light and heavy attacks along with tons of options like previous games. This is already looking like the game that will please both groups and like I said, Santa Monica know what they are doing with this. No complaints from me

ClayRules2012184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I personally think this new God of War will be my personal favorite. I loved God of War 1-2, while not a fan of the 3rd or Acension. The formula had gotten stale by then, for me. I did really enjoy a few of he boss fights in 3 tho, and boy was it stunning than, and still looks amazing now.

The new changes made to God of War in 2018, with the camera, combat, which looks brutal, fast, and really cool. Freezing enemies with your axe looks awesome. And the different direction for the character of Kratos makes me so excited. The way I feel about this new God of War is similar to how I felt with Uncharted 4, which offered a much more grounded/deeper story & Nathan Drake. I know some didn’t like the changes/direction Uncharted went, but I much appreciated it.

I believe Sony Santa Monica have something special on their hands with this game.

UCForce184d ago

I don’t think so. Like I said, if you keep this up, we going to keep arguing. And it isn’t going to stop.

Ceaser9857361184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

LOL! Greg miller and few others did shut down fans for saying this.. Also funny how some section are judging by seeing 16 mins of gameplay footage whereas the previwers played it for 3 hours and said that's only 5 percent of the game and they didnt want to stop and kept praising it...

So people who are complaining either they dont want to move out from the old combat tech which wasn't close and personal (DF explained that better) or simply hating PS Exclusives is what they do ..

Also those who have doubts please check out the previews everything has been cleared... I AM OPEN TO ANY DEBATE WITH ANY ONE WHO FEELS the new GOW lacks Depth and blah blah!!

Ceaser9857361183d ago

I am fine with the no jump button.. The game has so many things to offer its stupid to worry about no jump mechanics..

UCForce183d ago

But can you say the same thing with Gear of Wars ? See, you are just cynical.

Skankinruby184d ago

Depends why you liked the other ones, if you just loved the obnoxious button mashing then probably not. I for one am stoked as hell as the gameplay looks excellent and I love a good story

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