How The World Ends with You: Final Remix Will Breathe Life Into a Dormant Franchise •

The Nintendo DS library is a hotbed of amazing games; many of which used the systems touch and twin-screen set up to create something truly unique. For me, the cream of the DS crop was The World Ends With You.

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Moonman266d ago

Awesome, definitely on my Switch buy list for 2018. I didn't know Nintendo is actually publishing this!

DJK1NG_Gaming265d ago

It not surprising when they been doing Dragon Quest since the DS, Bravely series, Octopath Traveler and now this series.
Square Enix US/EU only cares about doing FF or any small RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory when it comes to Nintendo.

PhoenixUp266d ago

Don’t you mean IP instead of franchise?

Saying franchise implies it had multiple installments

FallenAngel1984266d ago

“One day he finds himself dead”

The author gives no fucks about spoilers. The game doesn’t even reveal that until much later.

Lighter9265d ago

N4G doesn't care about spoilers.

DarkZane265d ago

Sadly, I played this on DS and I see no point in buying it again.

Razmiran265d ago

I will buy it for a third time, but I must say I wish it was a sequel instead

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