Real-time raytracing is a next-next-gen feature, Seed Tech Demo ran on three NVIDIA Titan V

DSOGaming writes: "We here at DSOGaming have been closely following ray/path tracing rendering techniques in engines. After all, back in 2012, we informed you about the Brigade 2 Engine and claimed that ray/path tracing will be the future. And while we haven’t seen any game using real-time ray tracing since then, NVIDIA and Microsoft announced yesterday a collaboration in order to add support for such a thing in the DirectX API."

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AizenSosuke267d ago

Absolutely epic stuff in the future.

lemokohaje266d ago

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RememberThe357265d ago

Could we soon see a Nvidia Xbox and an AMD PlayStation?
"If you ain't competing you ain't doing nothing"

Neonridr267d ago

3 Titan V's? well we can expect that sort of performance in our home consoles in like... 20 years :P

NovusTerminus266d ago

And in single GPU Pc's in 15.

PoSTedUP266d ago

and from my wallet in like never.

porkChop267d ago

That's 30+ TFLOPs. If that's what it takes then realtime raytracing is not coming to next gen consoles. $9,000 worth of GPUs for this. It's not happening.

hadowajp266d ago

In the article it alludes to ps6 and xbox 3 which seems to give away they may already have dev kits for the upcoming gen by calling this next gen

OmnislashVer36266d ago

Yeah but these are tech demos. Also, does Raytracing affect other effects? I mean is this even feasible for a game with 30 TFLOPS or just demos?

I remember the FFVII tech demo a decade ago, and while it looked almost as good as PS4 it was only under those strict demo parameters.

Main thing I'm saying, is is this more of a PS7 thing than PS6?

_-EDMIX-_266d ago

.... will not really you have to understand that if XBox One X is running 12 teraflops you're not actually really talking about something that's impossible or even out of the realm of possibility to come the console's you're actually talking about an inevitability.

I'm not entirely sure why people have trouble understanding this even with history sorter showing us that many of these things are just inevitable.

I mean that would be like you saying in 1999 that game consoles would never have over half a gig of RAM simply because of how expensive it was in 1999.... only for 2005 to have multiple consoles have half a gig.

So I'm not even going to say PlayStation 6 is going to have something like this I'm actually going to go in the ballpark and say PlayStation 5 Pro is probably going to have somewhere in the ballpark of 30 teraflops because it's not out of the realm of possibility.

I want you to consider that the Xbox one only has 1.3 teraflops yet the Xbox One X has 12...

So just using even the most basic scale we would be saying it would be like having the Xbox next-gen have 20 teraflops and then the pro or Xbox One X of next-gen to have 30 would actually put it slightly less increments then what happened with Xbox One X compared to the original Xbox One..

That's just being conservative so maybe you could do some basic math to figure out it's not impossible.

History sort of shows you otherwise. This is kind of like the same people who keep trying to say that console gaming on the go is impossible yet seemingly forget that the PSP was playing Grand Theft Auto games God of War Games Kingdom Hearts games on the go all while playing multiple PlayStation 1 games perfectly fine..... I don't fully understand why this generation seems to have a hard time understanding what they're actually trying to say is impossible could have been stated previous generations yet clearly shown to be incorrect.

OpenGL266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Xbox One X is 6TFLOPs in FP32, not 12. A 1080Ti is 12, a Titan V is 15TFLOPs in FP32. So 3 of these is actually more like 45TFLOPs vs the Xbox One X's 6. Also the Titan V has a radically more complex design that allows for far greater computer capabilities than the Xbox One X GPU thanks to the tensor cores, so really the difference is probably even bigger than the TFLOP numbers would indicate. There's no other GPU on the market even close to the Titan V in terms of its compute functionality.

_-EDMIX-_266d ago

open g- correct. It was 12 gigs of RAM I must have mistaken it for the teraflop.

porkChop265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

It will happen on consoles eventually. But it will not happen next gen. PC hardware is nowhere even close to 30+ TFLOPs, and won't be for quite a while.

And as OpenGL was saying, the Titan V is a workstation card with dedicated AI processors. It's not a gaming card. The capabilities are so far beyond what gaming GPUs are capable of. Consoles don't use workstation cards. PS6 could possibly see realtime ray tracing, but even that isn't guaranteed.

FinalFantasyFanatic265d ago

Well it's inevitable, but the better question is how long you'll have to wait for it? Maybe the ps6 and it's equivalents, or maybe the generation after.

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timotim266d ago

I'm sure Microsoft is working with their partners to get this into the next Xbox.

letsa_go265d ago

Keep dreaming! Maybe Crackdown 4 will have it. haha

Snookies12265d ago

Lol, what? This will never be in the PS5/X2 era.

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