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Rob Pitt writes: THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have almost surprised a lot of us by bringing Titan Quest to all modern consoles, including the Switch (later this year). Titan Quest was first released back in 2006 on PC as one of the main contenders up against Diablo 2. Back then, the Action RPG isometric loot-gathering dungeon crawler genre was pretty popular with titles such as Torchlight, Sacred, Path of Exile and more, all benefiting from this newly popular style of gameplay. Titan Quest, and it’s expansion ‘Immortal Throne’, were both critically amazing games and ranked up there with the best of the games within the genre – however, that was then and this is now.

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chris235267d ago

what? more games from past decades that gets the moneygrabbing treatment? for f's sake: develop something new or let it be. no one wants or needs unaltered games from past gens or decades. who on earth is buying this crap?????

NiteX266d ago

Technically it is new for consoles.

rob-GP266d ago

I guess. It's had a few updates since 2006 - they did the DLC for it, then the developer shut down and THQ retained the rights - so they put it on mobile in 2016 followed by an anniversary version on PC in 2016 as well - then they made a brand new expansion for it late 2017.

So technically, it is a 12-year-old game, but it's being made accessible to people who have never played it before and in a much more user-friendly environment I guess. It's still confusing in some areas and the controls are a bit poor on the console versions, but still gets it out there for over 100m consoles.

Personally, I think they should have included the 2017 expansion as well, but I can see that being a paid-for DLC soon. I'm guessing fans of the series/original game will be the ones who buy it - especially based on placed like PSNProfiles where the people on there seemed pretty excited when it appeared on the PSN trophy list as they had no idea it was coming out.

NiteX266d ago

So weird that this is a thing, still cool. I wonder how well it will sell on consoles.

rob-GP266d ago

True, I don't see it in the top 20 next week - maybe in the top 40 though. Nothing against the game but a lot of people won't know what it is. Some people may buy it thinking it's as smooth to play as games like Diablo, Victor Vran and Van Helsing - they will get a shock if they think that though. I feel it's more like a fan-service to its fans to bring it to modern consoles. The people who grew up playing it or remember buying it on release and playing it to death will most likely be the target audience as they haven't really modernised any of the controls