More Than 15 Years Later, Kingdom Hearts Still Shines

The pairing of different Final Fantasy games and Disney movies into a new, cohesive universe was just as strange of an idea in 2002 as it is today, but somehow, Kingdom Hearts just works.

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Xenophon_York244d ago

Wonder if there's any reasonable chance of a big-budget Kingdom Hearts movie? Maybe even a trilogy.

PhoenixUp244d ago

It’d never happen for obvious reasons

Xenophon_York244d ago

I know, it's impossible that the Square-Enix universe and the Disney universe would ever be mixed together into something like a movie or video game. 🤔

PhoenixUp244d ago

Disney wouldn’t even cross over their own properties in a movie.

The closest you’ll get is Mickey's House of Villains and that’s direct to video instead of theatrical.

PhoenixUp244d ago

“A young boy in search of his lost friends, there’s a heartwarming nature to the story that you don’t often find in Square’s other games.”

This thematics and tone of Kingdom Hearts can be found in a lot of Squaresoft’s other games prior to its release. Hironobu Sakaguchi himself advised Tetsuya Nomura to make the plot more mature akin to Final Fantasy if he wanted it to sustain longevity and reach a broader audience.

kevnb244d ago

I hope they make the combat system much better in 3 than it was in 2.