ONRUSH on Xbox One X To Get Higher Resolution Textures & Pixel Count; 4K or 60FPS Switch Available

ONRUSH on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro features the option to choose between 4K resolution and 60FPS frame rate. The game on Xbox One X will sports higher resolution textures and higher pixel count compared to PS4 Pro due to the additional hardware horsepower.

The developers also commented on a Switch port.

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Imp0ssibl3121d ago

I'll just wait and get BOTH 4K and 60fps on my PC.

Kumakai121d ago

You should also wait to post this in the article for pc....

Cyborgg121d ago

He talks about the PC version in the article though lmao

ONESHOTV2121d ago

plug or stream the game from steam to your tv and there you have HDR but we have the superior reshade/sweetfx so HDR isn't really needed

KingTrash121d ago

The article says it supports HDR.

Pantz121d ago

Yeah but most of the time PC doesn't support HDR. I wonder if this will have HDR on PC...

bolimekurac121d ago

cant wait to play this on the x1x beast

ccgr121d ago

I wonder how it would perform on the Switch?

Kumakai121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

With downgraded effects, lower rez geometry and less cars at once

Belinker300121d ago

I'd be happy with that, especially in portable mode

SR388121d ago

That's a bad thing? Lol

Belinker300121d ago

Crap,those ex Driveclub fella's must resent Sony

Alexious121d ago

How come? Xbox One X is just more powerful. That hardly has anything to do with resenting Sony.

Belinker300121d ago

I just hope it looks better than Gravel

Kumakai121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Sony looked away and closed their studio... I have friends that worked there. They were based a mile away from my home. IGN wrote an article. Link below. That doesn’t have anything to do with the X being more capable but some are resentful since Sony insisted on exclusivity

Belinker300121d ago

I get it Xbox One X is more powerful...for now

jokerisalive121d ago

no surprise there the X is more powerful.

Belinker300120d ago

I still remember all the original Xbox One performance comparison's with PS4.720-900p(xbox)vs 1080p(PS4).I wonder how long before the tides turn again with the next gen looming

marquisray121d ago

it's so funny how when there is news about xbox, some pc gamers reply with pc graphics, is this a recruiting tactic, because it is not working lol

Software_Lover121d ago

If it's on Xbox and PC, everyone all of a sudden has PC capable of running every game 4k60fps.
If it's on Playstation and PC, they all of a sudden prefer to play on console and who cares about PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.