Xbox One X - Forza Motorsport 7 bundle leaks

The Xbox One X may have just got its first proper bundle, with a Forza Motorsport 7 bundle apparently appearing listed on Argos' website.

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lxeasy266d ago

Not a surprising bundle,Forza I bet looks photo realistic on on the X

Belinker300264d ago

Actually doesn't btw and GT Sports car models are far superior

Prubar264d ago

Good job on being “that guy”.

gapecanpie264d ago

In your opinion.... You forgot to add that..

denawayne264d ago

Criteria for "that" guy -
Xbox article

DarkVoyager264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

“In your opinion.... You forgot to add that..“

Digital Foundry even stated GT Sport is a step about FM7 in most areas aside from resolution.

“GT Sport takes things to a whole new level. Higher polygon counts on incidental detail - right down to in-cabin air vents - show Polyphony's modelling standing up better on the most close-range inspection. Physically-based lighting and material properties are also a cut-above.”

“Polyphony's extreme standards see its models stand up to the most insane level of scrutiny in a way that Forza's models can't quite match.”

Me personally, I’d take Forza Horizon over both. It’s open world, looks great, and more fun.

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darthv72264d ago

I kind of miss the specialized consoles like the 360 had. I have all the ones like gears 3, star wars, halo 4 and aside from halo 5, call of duty and gears 4 there has not been nearly the amount of cool looking console variants for xbo.

PS4 seems to be following the 360 last gen with having cool console variants like the new GoW unit.

blackblades264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Wasn't that last year's bundle? Can't remember.

MorpheusX264d ago

Forza 7

The "Lootbox/Microtransaction s" Bonanza.

No Thanks.

zackeroniii264d ago

yay another bundle i can't wait to buy it's what i always wanted!!!

.....said no one ever

paintedgamer1984264d ago

Just lower the price Microsoft! The masses want a cheaper console not hand me down ms 1st partys!

Belinker300264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Well at least they bundled it with Forza rather than Sea of Nothing to do with a metacritic score
of 67