GamePlasma: Atlantica Online Preview

Welcome to the world of Atlantis. You have been charged with the task of saving the world and will travel to locales located throughout Earth. The ultimate question will be what sets Atlantica Online apart from the massive flood of MMOs that are hitting the market?

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odla3683d ago

I played this game after seeing the open beta advertisements on different sites, and I was pleasantly surprised. At first, I was skeptical of the game and how a turn-based system could be implemented in an MMORPG, but after playing it, I realized that the combat system was integrated very well into the game. Although it still needs some fixing and balancing in a few areas, kudos to NDOORS for creating a very polished game.

nywlanas3676d ago

yeah. they actually implemented a new patch recently with lots of improvement. only problem is.. there are a few bugs in it. but then again, that's why it's in open beta and not fully released.
once they get to fix the bugs, it's gonna be a better game. :D

conqistador3683d ago

Although this game is turn based, i would like to point uot that this game is not an FF clone, it is unfair for both games to be typically compared or put in the same level.. AtO is a revolutionary game in itself, turnbased system, the market economy, the social dynamism being promoted through the gameplay is simply revolutionary (this is exceptionally implemented in the game)

On the other hand, FF is a masterpiece in its own right. The game is a classic, A mona lisa of all console RPGS...

Although they both have the same battle system, they are both two unique styles and the only way to find out is to play both games... I loved AtO, and I loved FF... my two cents worth on both of em? theyre two different games, people should stop comparing them because theyre both great in their own right

dxmnecro3682d ago

Your exactly right, they both are great in their own ways. However, people who enjoy the Final Fantasy series will also feel comfortable when they are first introduced to the combat system in Atlantica Online.

txtmsg3682d ago

I find atlantica online is one of the good mmorpg nowadays... I mean the game is great, I think we should not compare atlantica online from the like of final fantasy series, simply because they are both totally different to each other... their only similarities is that they both use the turn based combat system... nothing to take away from final fatasy series... we all know that final fantasy is a legend in the turn base system and one of the leading games in rpg... they dominate the market and the gaming world... but final fantasy series always concentrate on a single player mode... they have a linear story which you have to follow while atlantica online is an mmorpg... which means it has no linear story, you can do the quest or not you can still enjoy the game without doing your quest.. do you get m point?? don't get me wrong... what i'm trying to say is that we should not compare final fantasy series from atlantica online because they have their own identities, final fantasy is for single player and atlantica is for multiplayer..

nywlanas3673d ago compare atlantica online to final fantasy. it's not like atlantica is going to take the title from final fantasy as the king of the rpg gaming world or something like that. it's just that comparing atlantica to final fantasy is like giving a preview of what will happen during the battles. for the ones who do not know this game, it's actually pretty encouraging for them if you tell them that it's like final fantasy.

jollibee3682d ago

Very well said. The game features a new aspect in the world of MMORPG which hasn't been done before. Combining the turn based system and the addition of mercenaries, it is a complete battle/war game. Also, it is a thinking game because it has a timer in which you must plan ahead before attacking. You can also hide your ailing mercenary away from melee attacks by positioning them in the middle or at the back of the formation. This is why Atlantica Online is addicting! ^_^

Yuramiko3681d ago

This game is the newest game I've tried on. What I love this game is the mercenary feature since you can actually hire up to 8 mercenary to help you out with the quest. The greatest value learned from this game is the value of "ohana" remember? from the series and movie Lilo and stitch which means family and family means, that no one is left behind. Why did I say so? It is because as you level up yourself your mercenaries level up as well. It is quite a good example of "ohana"

dt19843675d ago

In total you can 18 mercenaries. 10 of which is placed in the merc room. 4 of those 10 you can summon during battle to replace dying comrades.

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