Game Focus: BUZZ! Quiz TV Review

Game Focus writes: "After selling millions of copies through different versions on the Playstation 2, Buzz finally takes the next-gen leap with BUZZ! Quiz TV. And if you think that Relentless Software just ported its successful PS2 quiz franchise and added new questions, you'll be wrong. Buzz! Quiz TV sets the bar high for any existing or soon-to-be-released quiz game on the Playstation 3 and of course, on the other consoles. Get your buzzers ready, heerreeeee's BUZZ!"


+ User-generated questions through
+ Downloadable content available
+ Game supports up to eight players
+ New PS3 wireless buzzers, PS2 buzzers are also compatible
+ Clean and crisp graphics
+ Jason Donovan does an excellent job as the virtual host


- DLC packs are slightly pricey
- Can't play the MyBuzz generated questions online
- Online play supports only one player per console

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