A Huge Character Wishlist For The Upcoming Smash Bros

No, we didn't include Goku

WTMG's Leo Faria: "The waiting period for a new Super Smash Bros game is as interesting as playing the game itself, as Nintendo likes to tease us with the constant release of small trailers showcasing the new fighters being added to those games."

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Barbauer240d ago

I don't get why a lot of people keep asking for Goku... he's not an original video game character for crying out loud

lptmg240d ago

so much potential for a lot of gaming icons but they keep asking for an anime character, I know...

FancyMudkip240d ago

Exactly. I very much prefer to see other potential Nintendo characters to make it in the roster, like King K. Rool, Waluigi, Saki Amamiya, Isaac, and Decidueye for example.

Jinger240d ago

Phil Spencer said they would let them use Banjo... I wonder if they will bite this time.

Probably not, they'd rather put some dumb crap in I'm sure.

lptmg240d ago

Banjo in Smash would be so sexay

SR388240d ago

No non Ninty characters!!! Snake, sonic and cloud ruined the others

lptmg240d ago

would you say they're worse than blatant clones like Dark Pit or Dr. Mario?

SR388239d ago

Yeah they are, and I don't like clones either and not a shit load of fire emblem characters either