5 Announcements That Would Actually Make Microsoft's 2018 E3 the Biggest Ever

Microsoft could have a lot of cards up its sleeve for what it promises to be its biggest E3 showing ever. Here are five things we'd like to see to make that claim come true.

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AngelicIceDiamond269d ago

New Ip from 343, Coalition,Playground games etc that would be MS biggest E3 in the past 10 years imo. The strategy for MS is never gonna change from this point on. Its not a system, live features or services just simply games.

Kumakai268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Lmfao. You think you are smarter than an entire team that has already thought about that two years ago or more? You realize change takes more than a couple days right? Actual dev cycles and product cycles are measured in years. They’ve known about their issues for a while. I actually already have some info and people will be surprised. They know they have to show a lot and be different than years before. Phil said that himself in plenty of interviews. They have a renewed momentum now and want to get it moving even stronger. If you’re wondering how I know, it’s because I am booked on media/video jobs fo them for e3. Just like how I made the black ops 4 reveal trailer (and I can prove that cuz I timelapsed myself doing it)

268d ago
Gamefan79268d ago

And yet why would you be on here. Yet another lier who wants people to believe in him for some reason. Please go back to bed before mommy gets you

roslindros268d ago

He never claimed to be smarter just giving an opinion that I agree with.

rainslacker267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Yeah, dev cycles are a long time. Doesn't seem to stop Sony from having plenty to release each year, along with plenty more to show each year. Was MS just not working on much 3-4 years ago, is that why they don't have much this year and last?

Everyone understands that games take time, it doesn't mean that MS didn't drop the ball and just didn't have anything going....or cancelled more than we know. Should we just say it's cool MS has stuff for the future, when they didn't bother to have the support there earlier? Can they not be criticized for how they screwed that up...all while acting like they were going to have the best line up in Xbox history for a couple years running, or going to have this huge show, where they mostly showed indies, or this year when they likely fail to deliver yet again?

Wait for E3 is more a meme now than ever, and that's because there is no way to take it seriously. Maybe one day MS will deliver, and MS fan boys will act like that removes all the years that MS didn't deliver.

MS did great during the first half of the 360. Despite not being interested, or a fan of MS, I could easily recognize why they gained so much popularity last gen. This gen, they are nowhere near that level of output, yet a lot of people are acting like MS is at it's prime. Last gen, things like SoT would have been barely noticed by the hardcore. This gen, it's become the poster child of how great MS releases are, and we should just wait for it. That's a sad state compared to the days of the 360 when they had Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and heavy exclusive deals for some of the bigger games last gen. Xbox fans seem to have really lowered their standards, and it's just sad, because at least last gen, they were more interesting by fighting the console war with games.

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Destiny1080269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

even if they buy ea they wont announce it at e3
xbox-x price cut wont be announced at e3
pub-g on game pass, wont be announced at e3
new ip, its certainly possible after all it is e3
Bring Back some old Franchises, Fable

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PhantomS42268d ago

A One X price cut could be announced at E3, it's been done in the past. Pub G on Games Pass could easily be announced at E3, unlikely but they talked for 10 minutes about a real-life car for 10 minutes last year that nobody in the audience could dream about affording so if they can put on a car show they can reshow an old game and give that announcement.

Fable would be awesome but if those rumors are true it's too early to see that. Halo is still MIA so maybe that but I'm sure after the hate on Halo 5 and how low the fans moral is they are treading very carefully. I'd love to see a Crimson Skies remaster/remake or even a sequel.

Belinker300268d ago

I don't think Pubg panned out the way they planned considering it's technical problems pursisting after numerous patches and losing the popularity contest to Fortnite

DeadManMMX268d ago

Somewhere around 5 million sold since mid December. I think it panned out just fine. Me and almost everyone on my Playlist plays it every day for at least 2 hours. The game is in game preview and you literally see the changes with every patch they make but it's still a tense, fun ass time. If people are still willing to pay 30 dollars to pay the game then who cares if people are playing the free Fortnite. Free is damn hard to beat for any game but still it keeps trucking on.

Belinker300268d ago

Valid point,I'm keen to delve in once it comes out of early access and arrives on PS4 as it's a timed exclusive only for Microsoft

Mr_Writer85268d ago (Edited 268d ago )


I think PUBG will remain exclusive.

Epic have beaten them to the punch on other platforms, I can even see a Switch version coming.

Why waste money trying to compete, when they could just make as much money off MS by making the game a full exclusive.

More money in the bank and less work, win win.

s3arch268d ago

PUBG runs like shit on the XB1, I upgraded to the Slim and there was a minor difference but nothing to rave about, the game preview system should be abolished.

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rainslacker267d ago

Buying EA would be major news, and be all over the net before it could ever be announced. That'd be a huge purchase, and it'd be covered by every financial publication in existence.

X1X price cut would likely come closer to the holidays, and be announced right before.

PUBG on game pass I could maybe see.

New IP...quite possible.

Fable is possible....assuming MS is actually truthful about not wanting to announce too early.

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Travis3708269d ago

The only thing MS needs to do is announce new IP's and Sequels to fan favorite games, but will we see that? I highly doubt it.

Cyborgg268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

MS has lost its identity long ago

Belinker300268d ago

They have the hardware,just need the exclusive games and lots of them

mark_parch268d ago

I hope they let insomniac work on a new banjo or conker after they have finished spiderman

yellowgerbil268d ago

they should go on a spending spree and buy up as many indie teams as they can, then toss 20 mil at each to let them build games that are like AA+ like hell blade or that kingdom come game.

Ausbo268d ago

People don’t understand what Microsoft meant when they said “biggest ever”. That means it’s their largest presence and will allow for more people than ever before. Larger booths as well between the theater and convention center. They were speaking literally. Not on the size of their media briefing

Microsoft is digging themselves a hole as well for hyping a conference that will likely disappoint those expecting megaton announcements

rainslacker267d ago

I think if people are raising their expectations for MS E3 briefing after all these years, then it's their own fault. I'd rather think they're going to do horribly again, and be surprised, rather than think they're going to deliver, and end up being disappointed.