Sea of Thieves Prepares for Release With Funny Live Action-Trailer

Sea of Thieves is almost ready to set sail, and Rare is celebrating with a humorous live-action trailer set in a wacky museum of piracy.

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Jinger183d ago

Amazing Goonies references in here. haha

traumadisaster183d ago

Didn't work for me. Was not funny

MegamanXXX183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Not impress or funny to me

marquisray183d ago

it's not funny because it's not from Sony? lol

SegaGamer183d ago

No, it's not funny because it's not funny. If it was so funny then maybe you can explain what was so funny about it.

FreddyFazbear183d ago

just because some fans saying SoT is good and the marketing makes an ad makes it 100% funny??

183d ago
mark_parch183d ago

absolutely love the goonies references. really looking forward to becoming pirate legend and reaching the secret goonie cave

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