Five Big Surprises From Our Hands-On Time With God Of War | Game Informer

GI: "We played the first three hours of Sony Santa Monica's upcoming game, which threads the needle between familiarity and innovation."

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188d ago
Hardiman187d ago

The moment I saw Kratos walk out of the shadows in the E3 2016 trailer I was sold! Everything since then has only made me anticipate its release even more! Now here we are just a month away!

SuperSonic91187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Let me guess Game Informer its gonna be a 7.75 score, right?

Its an important big PS4 exclusive game not on Nintendo Switch.

The_Jackel187d ago

lmfao you noticed that as well.

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Ceaser9857361187d ago

They did give UC 4 a solid 95/100

SuperSonic91187d ago

Which is more solid a 9.5 for cutting edge games firing on all cylinders in gameplay, originality and technical achievements or a 10 for budget kiddie games filled with nostalgia?