Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review – Building An Imperfect Union | Game Informer

Level-5's ambitious sequel may not nail everything it attempts, but it gets the important things right.

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SuperSonic91272d ago

I get it Game Informer this is not a Nintendo game.

SuperSonic91272d ago

This is not on Nintendo Switch.

Horizon Zero Dawn 8.75
NieR: Automata 7.75?
Gran Turismo 7.75?
Some agenda you have.

monkeyshawn60272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Xenoblade 7.5 and Kirby 6.25. Arms a 7 and Splatoon 2 an 8.25. You forgot those. GI has has been known to be anti JRPG. except for Persona. Stop acting like they are pro Nintendo. You are going off on all sites that don't give this a 9.

SuperSonic91272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

@ Tekolie

What console war are you talking about?

What "anti-RPG except Persona"?

100 score for BotW does not look like anti-RPG to me.

There is no console wars only corporations desperate for clicks and attention.

Stay out of this kid.
You gotta do better than that.

fonger08272d ago

Sure sure let’s cherry pick a few you don’t agree with grasp at straws... all the whole ignoring:

Bloodborne 98
Shadow of the Colossus 90
Uncharted 4 95
Persona 5 93

Clearly they hate PS4 exclusives... lol

SuperSonic91272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Yes they know exactly the cherry to pick .

None of them were given a perfect 100 like Mario and Zelda on Switch which are clearly of lesser quality.

If they want PS4 to have a healthy competition they should let Nintendo the hard work not them.

TekoIie272d ago

Well I mean this isn't an exclusive tho so I don't know why we're making this a part of the console war crap.

An 8 is good too what are we complaining about?

fonger08272d ago

@supersonic91 ahh I got it, you’re one of the “Nintendo gets favorable reviews” burnouts. Clearly Mario Odyssey and Breath of Wild were inferior games because so want them to be smh... but hey one internet opinion surely makes it so... amiright?

michellelynn0976272d ago

Which are clearly lesser quality. Because you are fair. Lol no. They are better and your complaining isn't going to change it.

tulholdren272d ago

Day 1 for me in a few days cant wait. Me and reviews stopped seeing eye to eye years ago. Just make your own call and run with on games..

SuperSonic91272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

That is the best way to go. Trust your own judgement. Its you who is gonna play anyway.