PlayStation 5: 7 Things We Want To See From Sony's Next Console

Cultured Vultures: We've got a bit of a shopping list of requests for the PlayStation 5 and its features. Sony, hear us out.

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chaos-emeralds272d ago

But no playstation n4g owner wants backwards compatibility ha ha. I don't want streaming, that's for sure

melons272d ago

I'm pretty sure they do. Who would really be against the ability to play your old games? That's so silly.

Eonjay271d ago

Of course its a nice feature, but 80 million PS4s later, its obviously not a deal breaker. And Sony has been straight forward explaining why it happened. I think we all understand it wont happen again.

milohighclub270d ago

They said years ago that they wanted the ps4 os to be carried over to future consoles... Ps5 will have backwards compatibility due to having the same architecture.

chaos-emeralds272d ago

I was making a jab at the idiots who downplay xbox for having backwards compatibility. It's just nice to be able to play any game on one box.

Rimeskeem271d ago

People say that because it's literally THE ONLY THING that xbox has going for it. Like great you can play your old games but how bout new ones made by talented studios that are exclusive for xbox?

ILostMyMind271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Nobody downplay Xbox for having backwards compatibility. Don't play the victim.

slayernz271d ago

"The buzz surrounding Microsoft’s plan to introduce backwards compatibility for the Xbox One going all the way back to the original Xbox shows that it’s a lot of effort but effort that ultimately pays off" .....yeah because the sales charts of Xbox One vs PS4 back this statement up as well

nitus10270d ago

If you insert your XBox360 game that is on the support list into the drive of the XB1 for the first time you will get a download of the recompiled game that is X86_64 compatible and has been tested to your hard drive. It is this recompiled image that you can play.

At no stage can you play an XBox360 game directly from your XB1's hard drive although you do need to put your XB360 DVD into the XB1 drive for authentification.

Note: You do need an XBox Live account to allow the download of the recompiled XBox360 game for the supported XBox360 game. While this is not in the purest sense backward compatibility kudos does go to Microsoft engineers for coming up with an interesting solution.

_-EDMIX-_270d ago

Except most people are not denying that it's nice to have the ability simply that when it's the only thing happening for the system it's kind of a problem trust me most of us would not mind backwards compatibility but not with the trade-off of Microsoft situation with basically no games, in fact the only major announcement we've seen coming from these guys it's just articles about support of older games.

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DarkZane271d ago

PS4 BC is likely gonna happen because the PS5 will likely use the same architecture as the PS4. You can forget about PS3 BC, it's never gonna happen. It's anybody's guess for PS1 and PS2.

ILostMyMind271d ago

PS5 will have enough power to emulate PS3's Cell processor. So, maybe.

Eidolon271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

PC can emulate a few PS3 Games. Sony has the actual specifications(and not just brute forcing) and talented engineers, of course they can make it happen on the PS5, which will be yet more power than the PS4 Pro.

Eidolon271d ago

With PS4. Sure, if the architectures are the same, I'd be pissed if it didn't and they instead pushed PS Now.

Z501271d ago

Why be pissed? What's stopping you from playing your current PS4 games 4 years from now?

Eidolon271d ago

Because if the PS5 had the same architecture, and fully capable of backwards compatibility(no emulation), then why would I need the PS4? I'll probably keep it, though. But, reason I'd be pissed is because it's them just trying to push PS Now subscriptions.

gapecanpie270d ago

If the ps5 use a x86/64 cpu then there is no reason at all that it shouldn't have BC other then Sony trying to cash in on PS Now .....

@Z501 that's a pretty stupid question...

I'm just glad consoles are no longer a factor for me sold my PS4 to my bro and I play the few ps4 exclusives by useing PS Now and PS3 games using emulators on PC ...Once you go to PC gameing you don't even wanna think about going back too consoles...

Z501270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Which question?
Why would 'I' be pissed? Nothing stops me from playing the games i already bought 3-5 years from now. Right?!
Why would 'I' care that they're pushing psnow if I already own the games on psnow?

?We should be pissed because Sony didn't make something (they DIDN'T have to) convenient for us?

Nyxus272d ago

Support physical media.

Minute Man 721271d ago

@ marloc. For you and the younger generation it's dead. Not for old school gamers

marloc_x271d ago

Absolutely agree that us old school gamers love them..
..going forward? No way.

They do look great hanging from the rear view mirror though🙃

milohighclub270d ago

I'm an old school gamer but i ditched physical for digital and i regret nothing.
I ran into cash problems and had to sell up but because i went digital, i still had my whole library when i repurchased...

Mr Marvel270d ago

Yes, this!
I still prefer to have all my AAA games on disc.
I don't buy much indy crap, so I don't mind if the few indy games I buy are digital.

OB1Biker272d ago

I think VR is going to be big, in particular online persistent worlds. The next gen will push for it, no doubt, while being an option of course.

rpvenom271d ago

I'm definitely wanting to see improved VR.

But at the end of the day.. I could care less what the console is made of.. I know it will be next gen worthy and what matters is the games.. they know that now.. so as long as they keep pumping out masterpieces we've been blessed to play over the last generation.. i'm all in.