Fortnite - Boogie Bomb Update

“Due to a bug with the Boogie Bomb, we’re going to be temporarily disabling it until we’re able to fix it. We’ll update you once this issue is solved."

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DarkVoyager268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

I wonder how many of us have died throwing the boogie bomb too close and making ourselves dance? Lol

No Way267d ago

Me. Too many times, unfortunately.

DarkVoyager267d ago

Even worse when a squad member throws one and everyone is dancing. Lol

BLAKHOODe267d ago

I never used it, so no big loss to me. I was hoping they were removing the crossbow. It's about worthless.

DarkVoyager267d ago

Yea that crossbow is useless. My favorite weapon is the Scoped AR.

MMOBytes267d ago

really?, i can rarely get the thing to work.

Teflon02267d ago

I swear it never even lasts 5 seconds when I use it on someone. That is, if it even registers...

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