Vg tilt's experience with Home; it needs to be remodeled

I've been in the beta for sometime now and played around with it even before I was in the Beta. Here are my near final thoughts on what you all can expect when Home drops in a few weeks. (in beta form)

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MS Bribing3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Silogon wrote this, lol

Some of the complaints he has seems like he doesn't have any friends that are into it as much as him. This will change when everyone has it :)

Silogon3687d ago

But I never use my Silgon account for Beta's like Resistance, Home and so forth and so on. No one knows my real account and I'm heavily populated with friends on the account I use and am actually well liked and received inside the community.

Now, granted, if they knew I was Silogon, yeah... I'd probably have a problem. They don't though and home is still a bit to be desired. That is the point Ii am trying to make, and I also make it clear that things can change and probably will cause it is a "BETA" right now. I'm not being unfair or biased here.

marinelife93687d ago

I've met lots of new people in Home that are actually pretty cool.

The quick loads between all the spaces gets to be a little annoying they need to use the streaming tech in Home.

The merchandise selection isn't a valid complaint because it's a beta with limited demo like features.

They need to do the following to make sure it's a success.

1. Make sure Home gets exclusive first run features and content before any other form of media receives them updated in realtime daily. Any 1st or 2nd party Sony announcement should be introduced in Home first driving users to check in daily for up to the minute info. I liked the virtual TGS show floor.

2. Make sure the price for the premium content is cheap and high quality. If they charge $1.99 for a virtual television set Home will be gone faster than a fart in a dust storm. Charge $.19 cents for a hi def Bravia and people will go ahead and buy the couch and the area rug as well.

DARKKNIGHT3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

heres my review on silogons article:


who agrees?


wow, silogon...........i didnt know you had 6 accounts bro.

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EasilyTheBest3687d ago

I look forward to trying it myself. I use to use THERE alot but it does get boring.

IzKyD13313687d ago

written by siligon, the guy who's ignored by 150 users and is proud of it

Silogon3687d ago

It doesn't have to get approved; that's fine. It is a very informative piece, though and it does tell you exactly what to expect from Home when you all get it. Hide the truth all you want. Mark it and move on, but I won't be in the minority for long. you all will be playing inside home, and going through exactly, word for word, what I've laid out here.

This isn't a jab or a bias article. It's the truth.

IzKyD13313687d ago

^^ dude, Im in the beta

edhe3686d ago

being ignored by 150 fanbois isn't a bad thing, just means less people trolling your posts ;)

JOLLY13686d ago

It was very informative.

kapedkrusader3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

...and I disagree with Siligon. Home might not be what you expected, but it is surely better that LIVE. If not, why do you think MS is frenzying with their own NXE concept? In regards to the stores, you should know better Siligon, your in the Beta. You can see items like uni-cycles and instruments will be available and the Home spaces will be full of people skatebording, rollerblading and other activities.
Apartments will have TV sets that will allow you to watch a movie in real-time with a friend that might live in a different state than you. The whole concept is revolutionary. If you can't see that, you shouldn't write articles that are not just uninsightful but are also misleading.

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juuken3687d ago

Silogon strikes again!

IzKyD13313686d ago

damn, the 360 fanboys are really working your have one
: )

juuken3686d ago

I knoooow. :(
They were swiped before I knew it. .w.


i need some assistance in that department, seems when im not around the bubbl e thieves strike

TheTimeDoctor3686d ago

i just got my beta code today, and im just waiting for the network to come back up so i can download it

dj_funky3686d ago

i thought the beta was over?

IzKyD13313686d ago

holy crap their STILL sending beta keys?

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