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PUBG on mobile isn't looking the best visually at the moments, yet it retains mostly the entire experience. It should be noted that additional graphic options are locked at the current moment in the beta. This is the well known battle royale game on mobile, it's fairly impressive.

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Lol you are playing on the lowest settings... here is ultra
I play on high settings at 60fps on a Note 8

skycaptin5270d ago

The settings were noted as being locked for this part of the beta testing when I went and tried it out. Noted that other graphic settings will be selectable later, I did look over the options and even mention that.

Smitty2020270d ago

You will need a Bluetooth pad surely! I suck with touch with fortnite

Haki1112270d ago

on my S8 Plus it runs better than the xbox version lol