Far Cry 5 File Size Revealed for Xbox One

The Far Cry 5 file size has been revealed for this Xbox One X Enhanced country side of America shooter with the Xbox Marketplace coming in at a fairly large file size.

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1nsomniac268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

So I would assume it’s a little lower than that on PS4 as they usually are, maybe 32-35gb.

What really annoys me on my PS4 is how much HDD space it actually needs to install a digital copy I don’t know if it’s the same on xbox. I’ve got over 100gb free on my 2tb drive & I still have to delete games before I can install updates etc. It’s my biggest annoyance with my Pro. I can have a 30gb game to install & I’ll have 100gb free & it’ll still say I don’t have enough space.

Dlaw76268d ago

Get Da X fam its truly a amazing console

illtornworld268d ago

Its not like that on the Xbox One X at all; i own both; ive had my X down to 1GB of free space! Its easy to make room; i just copy content from internal 1TB to my External 4TB. Ps4 pro though that is true if theres 30GB left it hardly will let you install any game. You should deff invest in an external.

Derceto268d ago

lol How pathetic is your site, when you have to fish for clicks by holding a file size hostage behind a click?

If you're genuinely this starved for traffic, maybe just pack up your stuff and go run something more along the lines of your qualifications. A lemonade stand perhaps.