God of War Gets an Epic New CG Trailer

Right on cue, God of War got a brand-new CG trailer/commercial during Family Guy tonight.

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TheKingKratos273d ago

That was beyond EPIC

Felsager273d ago

I instantly grew a beard after that word.

This game gives me pride, lol. :3

xer0272d ago

Woah! Not long to go!

solideagle273d ago

nope not going to watch, the only trailer I saw was on E3. I try to stay away as much for Sony's first party to give me surprise. I have played all GOW with hard mode, so looking forward to this game anxiously :)

pody273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Give it a go, solideagle. There's no spoilers or anything story related. It's just an amazing cg promo for the game.

Elda273d ago

I'm doing the same thing but it's a amazing promo in cgi,check it out.

IamTylerDurden1272d ago

I'm replaying the collection on Vita to get ready and i'm reminded of how great God of War 2 is. It makes me happy that Cory is directing it.

Atticus_finch273d ago

There should be a warning on this type of articles for Xbox fanboys. They seem to be incapable of handling all this epicness.

Felsager272d ago Show
trooper_272d ago

Good Lord, those graphics.

I can't unsee this video.

Holy craaaaap.

combatcash272d ago

That was a CG trailer but the game does look amazing, my PRO is ready.

Gaming_1st272d ago

Why be excited for this. I would be more excited for a backwards compatibility GOW 3. Make it happen Sony, you're falling behind times.

Aenea272d ago

There was a remaster of that one tho....

Dragonscale272d ago

Don't feed it lol... Hopefully you get to kill some trolls in this beauty.

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PhoenixUp273d ago

It’ll take a while before I get used to Kratos’ new voice

Kratos_Kart2007273d ago

Agreed...I loved the previous actor

morganfell273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Already used to it. And prefer it. And that comes from someone that played each game at launch. Christopher Judge has humanized Kratos. From just what we have seen so far, Judge and the VO Director have realized when it is time to pull back a little and the result has been nothing short of amazing.

Eonjay273d ago

I already like it but then again anyone who used to watch Star Gate SG1 would as wll lol.

Jinger272d ago


Thanks for the credentials?

I mean I'm sure most people here have played the GoW games. I have played them all as well, the PsP games included and I still wonder why they changed to Christopher Judge. You say he is humanizing Kratos, but TC Carson still did a fantastic job when things got sad for Kratos and he did get solemn explaining his backstory etc.. It's like you're saying that TC Carson doesn't have a regular calm voice. You think he is yelling at everyone all day with the passion of vengeance?

It's a strange decision for me. And that comes from someone that played each game at launch.

fenome272d ago

I'm not saying he's not doing a great job, I've just been playing through all the games again and it's just weird at first to hear him with a different voice.

It's not like game characters have never changed actors before. I'll get used to it, he makes a good Kratos.

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SuperSonic91273d ago

I like the way Kratos has controlled his anger in this game because there can never be any greater enemy to Kratos but himself.

UltraNova273d ago

Maybe he discovered some good pain anger management meds on his way to Norway?

ShadowWolf712272d ago

What's to get used to? It's freaking Teal'c, man! lol

272d ago
Hardiman272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I can see that but for me I prefer the new actor. His delivery is more nuanced at times and on the flip side his roar is hair raising as well!

Also Judge is a large man and an actor so that came into play with the mo cap.

Lennoxb63272d ago

I don't understand why people care so much about voice actors. As long as they competently fit the character it's a complete non issue.

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PurplePeopleEaters273d ago

Sony is doing everything right.

Felsager273d ago

I never played a game of this sort before. This will be my first on the Kratos universe. With the school given by Guerrilla Games on open world RPG action adventure such as Horizon Zero, this game follows the same winning formula of Horizon Zero however the game play is more focused on melee combat and combo tactics.

Sony IS on the right track. They are focused.

Jinger272d ago


If you're thinking this game will be like Horizon then you're gunna be disappointed. It's not open world, for one.

Dragonscale272d ago

Just because its not open world doesn't mean its gonna be worse than Horizon. Not every game needs to be open world.

Jinger272d ago


Oh I wasn't insinuating that haha

I was just saying it sounds like he is expecting the game to be something it may not be. Going in expecting a game to be like Horizon with the open world and finding out that it's a little more linear.

Vizigoth04272d ago


I'm thinking he's not so much addressing Open World or Linear for that matter. Just sheer Quality and Attention to Detail. And Sony just isn't stopping.

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quenomamen272d ago

Lols at the 5 dislikes, apparently this is game is missing a Cloud Powered Ocea to sail past the 8 Xbox exclusives.

SuperSonic91272d ago

Sony has to make all the right moves with PS4 as a multi billion dollar entertainment platform that can stand toe to toe with the film industry's Disney.

PS4 needs all the attention it can get from the customers and Hollywood itself.

The gaming industry needs to attract more big time investors from film, music, tv, animation and other entertainment industries to make the best entertainment content in the world.

Only Sony is doing this.

DarkVoyager273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

That’s was indeed epic. Can’t wait!

Xenophon_York272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

That was quite the motivational rallying speech. Better yet, in true Sony fashion, the message came across as being larger than just 'some video game,' and instead grabbed me deep down at my core.

We don't play games because the world makes games. We play for a greater purpose. We forge into the unknown. To fulfill the promise we have made: That no matter the darkness, nothing will stand in our way.

Words to thrive by.

SuperSonic91272d ago (Edited 272d ago )


Be calm and plan.
Do not be sorry ... be better.

Thatguy-310273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

The writing in this game is looking to be amazing!!!!!! I've never been able to attach myself to kratos character until now. Have a strong feeling I'm going to develop a soft spot for the son the same way I developed one for Ellie on The Last of us.

SuperSonic91272d ago

Because Nintendo fans dismiss God of War as just a mindless violent game

Xenophon_York272d ago

I'm a Nintendo fan. I don't dismiss God of War as just a mindless, violent game.

It's difficult to argue with a mythos so old, fluid-yet-rigid, and timeless—such as Greek and Roman—is just a violent fascination. Considering God of War pulls from that pool, it's certainly worth a subjective eye.