Should you buy physical or digital PlayStation 4 games?

If you're having trouble deciding whether to buy physical or digital games on your PS4, here’s some help.

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affrogamer270d ago

I buy digital copies multiplayer games like racing, sports and online shooters since I play them over and over. But I prefer hard copies of single player campaign games cuz I have no use for them after I platinum them so I like to be able to sell them.

Xb1ps4269d ago

I only buy digital on both... digital ftw!

zackeroniii269d ago

why?! wouldn't you want hard copies of all the legendary ps4 exclusives? i know i would! :D

i respect your choice though!

iNcRiMiNaTi269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

I'm the same way, I like just being able to close the game and switch on the fly. Playing on PC for so many years spoiled me

badz149269d ago

I buy PS4 exclusives mostly physical. I buy multiplats on PC digitally but only during sales. so when I lost access to them later on, I won't feel much. exceptions for multiplats i buy physically on PS4 are LEGO games because my kids like them

FinalFantasyFanatic269d ago

I prefer physicals, I like displaying them on my shelf and they're often cheaper than the digital alternative.

PurpHerbison268d ago

@zackeroniii There will definitely come a time when I regret my digital purchases. Not any time soon, but there will most definitely come a time. When I'm way older (maybe 10-20 years from now) and want to dive into some nostalgia I don't think I'll just be able to go into my library and download all my digitals back.

darthv72268d ago

I buy physical where available but there are some games you can only get in digital.

InMyOpinion268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

Mostly physical cause I can trade them in for new games when I've finished them. It saves you money.

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SharpCT269d ago

People need to start buying physical copies. The Industry wants to get rid of the disc for some pathetic reason.

Do you ever truly own your game if you can't physically have it in hand? I don't know about you but I don't want to be connected to the Internet to play my game every time and I'd like my friend to be able to borrow it if need be.

marloc_x269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Fear not, PS5 will use cartridges..

_-EDMIX-_269d ago

Will people still overwhelmingly in the majority buy physical.

I think if the most of us still continue to buy physical I don't believe you're going to see the medium go away but I think people need to also understand that because of the sizes of games increasing there's no way to really ensure that next Generation has a 4K options for all games without having the actual disk size increase significantly.

Battlefield one right now before any 4K update as well over 100 gigs.

What happens next gen? So it's just not feasible to continue at digital-only concept with massive game size is increasing because of technological advances. Because of that we're always going to have physical options

JackBNimble269d ago

For one you don't need to be connected to the internet to play digital games unless you are game sharing with your friends.

CertifiedGamer269d ago

Since I barely have space to put physical games. I go digital.

KillBill269d ago

Well it really doesn't matter in the physical disk either as they are getting to the point where even a physical disk will not work without an update online or connection to a service.

Mr_Writer85268d ago


Even owning the disc doesn't mean you own the game. You own a licence to play that game on the disc.

There are advantages to owning discs (trading, renting, selling, lending) but a lot of people (like myself) have no need for that stuff.

I'm 99% digital on PS4, but 2/3 physical on my Switch.

I much prefer digital, if it wasn't for Nintendo horrendous digital pricing and lack of first party digital sales I'd go digital on Switch.

Gahl1k268d ago

That 'pathetic' reason is: companies don't make as much money creating and shipping physical copies as they do with digital, so it is understandable.
However, I like physical copies more since I have a crappy Internet connection with a data cap.

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Drithe269d ago

After Gamestop lied to me and said they didnt have a ps4 TB system and tried to sell me a used system, I say fuck em and let's go to all digital. I used to be a collector and understand those who do. But I have had it up to HERE with Gamestop. I have a local game shop for used games. Ebay for them too.

JackBNimble269d ago

I collected digital and it makes less cluter. 😁

FinalFantasyFanatic269d ago

You can just buy online brand new from stores that aren't eb/gamestop, it's cheaper and better service generally.

crazysammy268d ago

But there are other smaller mom and pop shops like mine that sell physical and would treat you right!

Inzo269d ago

I will buy physical for as long as I can, a lot of the time when you pre order you get a special addition of some sort, the other reason is the trade-in value. That does not mean I dont get digital at all, I am currently busy with Bloodborne that was a free title on PS+ and I have whole host of older games on backlog I need to play.

adamwparker268d ago

I am buying digitally only now that my PS4 heats up, expands some of the rubber under/behind the eject button, and randomly spits out discs. Uggh. Started doing that recently. Anyone else having this issue after having a PS4 for a while? I tried removing some of the rubber underneath but it still beeps alot randomly and tries to eject, even when in rest mode.

Clunkyd268d ago

As long as physical games are cheaper, I will keep buying them over digital.
Not to mention the perks you get with physical games like trade, sell, and rent.

That 20% off GCU program has spoiled me.

shammgod268d ago when i want to jump in a match real quick, i can just load it from the cross bar instead of switching discs.

butchertroll268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

I love boxed games, especially steelbook ones. You can't compare value of digital ones with limited edition boxes.

Smitty2020268d ago

I copy u mate best way ;)

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ziggurcat270d ago

I buy digital because of the convenience, and I don't get charged sales tax where I live. That means that if I were to buy a game brand new, day 1, it costs me less money - plus, new games are often available for me to play the night before the official release date because of the time zone I'm in.

Physical should always be an option, though, and at least with the physical version, you can trade it in/sell it to put towards other games.

DarXyde269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

You live in Oregon, don't you?

Only place I can think of with no sales tax.

To the point of the article, I do both and it purely depends on the game. If it's something I want true ownership of, I buy physical. If it's either on flash sale or something I don't feel that I "need" physically (or if only available digitally) I buy digital.

MGSV, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2, The Witcher III, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls III are a few examples of games I buy physically. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Gravity Rush Remastered, and Street Fighter V are all games I own digitally. I think I have a system I'm not fully aware of, but I do notice that, the more I'm anticipating a game, the more likely I am to own it physically, the exception being that something is ONLY available digitally.

ziggurcat269d ago

No, Canada. Not sure if this is true for every Province, but the one I live in has no tax on the PS Store.

CitizenFour268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

I'm in the exact same boat.
I had a buddy pre-order a game from EbGames as they were doing a midnight release for the game.
I was playing at 10pm because it had technically already released in another time zone.
He then had to install the game after midnight when he picked it up and returned home, where I was able to pre-install it digitally and ready to go right at 10.
He was choked because I ended up having like 3 hours of playtime before he even got started.
He went digital after that.

Hardiman270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

I prefer physical because I'm a collector and I also use them for trades but I do have quite a few digital. Some I got because they were on sale or they don't have a physical version.

IamTylerDurden1269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

I prefer physical as i just see very little incentive for digital. The only time i buy digital is during a great sale like HumbleBundle, Flash sales, ect.

I enjoy every aspect of physical from reversible covers, to disc art, to pamphlets. I also enjoy being able to trade, borrow, and resell.

Aceman18269d ago

Physical copy of games for me 98% of the time

PurplePeopleEaters270d ago

It really depends on the games you want to buy.
I like actually holding my game if it’s something like Uncharted 4, BloodBorne, Horizon, Infamous, Ratchet....

But digitally is good for indie or even AA games.

Hardiman270d ago

Yeah I tend to keep Sony and Nintendo exclusives as well and certain third party titles like the Souls series, the Metro series or Rockstar's games.

_-EDMIX-_269d ago

Completely agreed some of the few times I buy digital is if it's a game that's on sale if I look it up it's significantly cheaper than if I buy used off of Amazon or GameStop or if it's a game that's simply a once-over to me that I'm okay simply being digital.

I don't get when people say there's a convenience with digital I would argue it's even more convenient to buy physical because it installs faster and you actually physically have something to barter with once you're done with the item.


Waiting hours for a download, and then having that game only tied to your account and then not being able to trade it or sell it after the fact.

FinalFantasyFanatic269d ago

I don't care that much for convince, I normally wait a week or two for it to appear in my mailbox, but I have plenty to play in the meantime.

isarai270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Only things i buy digital are super mass produced or mp only games. Like i wouldnt care if i got far cry 5 digital or not, but ill be damned if im not getting a physical copy of yakuza 6