Rare Discusses Hair Color/Tattoos in Sea of Thieves, Rowboats, Roadmap, Shanties and Bigger Groups

Rare answered several community questions in a Sea of Thieves pre-launch Reddit AMA. The topics ranged from increased pirate customization to the likelihood of adding rowboats, new shanties and letting friends add more than four players to a group.

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codelyoko273d ago

This game will bore most players in less than 2 weeks, mark my words.

KaiPow273d ago

It all comes down to the community. Mixer seems to be loving it, but who can say what the longevity is going to be.

OMGitzThatGuy273d ago

PS4 games are finished in 2 days and offer no replayability. 2 weeks is a lot.

thrust272d ago

Hahaha so true, nice reply!

jukins272d ago

Typical xbot reply. How does a single player game lose repeatability but multiplayer games with the same maps and modes don't? I could go and play horizon 100 different ways try new enemies try only using certain weapons or trying different strategies and then of course difficulty choice.

Gotta love you casual Xbox gamers who love doing the same thing over and over again in multiplayer games but can't fathom the idea of doing that on your own terms in single you need validation from real people to make your gaming worthwhile.

thrust272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Sound like Jukins can’t compete online and can only play offline singleplayer games against AI...

Nothing to be scared off you will get better the more you play 🤞

Slurms272d ago

Wow Jukins. I feel like I've just read a deleted scene from the start of Shrek.

mark_parch272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

That's a good point. i'll be playing sea of thieves long after I've finished god of war

272d ago
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AmstradAmiga273d ago

Make up your mind. Is it a killer app as per your earlier comment (17d ago) or a borefest?

Godmars290273d ago

Its going to live on die on the rate MS can flesh out the world/setting certainly.

mark_parch272d ago

Totally agree. I've been part of the alpha and beta sessions and can safely say I will be playing for at least a few months with the current content but they will need to add plenty more to keep my on after that

antikbaka272d ago

but tatooos! and hairstyles!

mark_parch272d ago

Most people have been playing the alpha and beta with limited content every weekend for nearly a year and haven't got bored yet.

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MatriXcian273d ago

Played in 2 betas and this game is looking more and more like a glorified tech demo. Reminds me of the Destiny beta where everyone was hoping for a lot more content but then on release realized that was the entire game. I was bored after the first few hours the game as it stands doesn't have enough depth in all areas.

MatriXcian272d ago

Actually I did Gamertag is Matr1Xcian just bought the XboxX a few months ago in order to play PUBG, Sea of Thieves and SoD2. So far though the xbox is collecting dust and the PSPro is getting the attention. Feeling a bit saddened by my purchase especially with God of War coming. Maybe State of Decay 2 can remedy that.

isa_scout272d ago

I played in the closed alpha and the beta, and I somewhat agree. I have it pre downloaded on my Xbox One right now. I think most of the game is brilliant but the combat is far to shallow. We'll see in one more day though.

MatriXcian270d ago

Told you so, games empty and bland. Another Xbox dissapointment.

Tedakin273d ago

I've never understood the argument of "This is 60 dollars and will get old in a month." Considering people regularly shell out 60 for single player games they finish in 2 days.

gyggyg273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

That's a fair question to ask: it's primarily because the concept of a single player game is different. I was glad to spend $60 on a single player game like The Last of Us even though I finished it in 2 days (never played multiplayer). Why? Because I had gotten a complete package (an excellent story) that will stick with me even if I then threw the game out. I.e. 2 days is all I needed to get what I needed from a single player game, such is the concept of a single player game.

The concept of a multiplayer game is different. 2 days of many multiplayer games doesn't produce the feeling of receiving a complete package. I don't expect to play 2 days of a multiplayer game and feel "finished" the same way I did with The Last of Us. This is mostly due to a lack of a story you can finish, and that the concept of a multiplayer game is based around continuous consumption rather than a start-middle-end. The concept of a multiplayer game is such that I can turn to it every now and then for a (reasonable) set amount of time without getting bored. If I threw out a $60 multiplayer game after 2 days it would feel different than throwing out a $60 SP game after 2 days.

----------------------------- ---

Having said all that, while it may not be okay to be finished with a mutliplayer game after 2 days, I think getting bored after a month isn't as bad as people make it out to be. If I could enjoy Sea of Thieves for a month, I'm sure that should be considered successful and worth the $60.

SnotyTheRocket273d ago

Play TLOU multiplayer dude. Holy shit is it ever good.

MatriXcian272d ago

You missed out if you didnt play the last of us multiplayer it was phenominal and extremely tactical. Think of a 3rd person Rainbow Six Siege where you craft your own equpment.

AizenSosuke272d ago

Potential and Microsoft's final chance if not .....SEGGGGA

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