Far Cry 5 Trophy List Revealed

Far Cry 5 Trophy List Revealed. Check out all 51 trophies & achievements for Far Cry 5 (1 Platinum Trophy, 2 Gold, 10 Silver, 38 Bronze).

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seanpitt23272d ago

Going to wait on the reviews for this game it just looks like farcry 3 and 4 with a just different setting and brings nothing new to the table all reused assets and mechanics. Since farcry 3 I have seen no innovation

2pacalypsenow272d ago

You can say that about any game nowadays.

But the story will be different, playing Far Cry primal which I think even used the same map from 4 was still enjoyable.

Gardenia271d ago

I hate forced multiplayer trophies in single player games. But again this looks like a doable Far Cry platinum trophy