Protect your Nintendo Switch and double the battery life with this case that's on sale

Now you can play video games even longer.

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CoolHandLuke127d ago

Now you're playing with Power!

ZaWarudo126d ago

I personally wouldn't let a third party device anywhere near the power supply.

Wrex369126d ago

THIS. I own a switch and until they add cloud saves... Beware.

Zeldafan64126d ago

Yeah it's definitely not worth the risk.

Kosic126d ago

Especially after the rumours of patch 5.0 causing 3rd party plugins to brick the device. It's even worse now to buy a 3rd party dock and possibly charger/battery bank.

ClanPsi1126d ago

Will it brick systems? I'm terrified to use anything 3rd party on my Switch after the 5.0 update.

Magnus126d ago

Would have been nice to see a bit more pics on the device

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