We’ve known Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s location since 2015

Crystal Dynamics has a habit of hinting at Lara's next adventure in their previous game. Turns out they did just that ... in 2015. Eggplante discovers all the hints they dropped.

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jgilbert11269d ago

September can't come soon enough!

ifinitygamer269d ago

Agreed! Looking forward to the reveal in April!!

RuleNumber5269d ago

Cannot wait! Replaying Rise to get pumped for it

Direwolf484269d ago

Same. Really excited for where this game takes us and what new features the devs have planned.

Relientk77269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Waiting for the reveal, loved the last 2

seanpitt23269d ago

Rockstar should take note and announce a game after its finished instead of delaying it 2 years

ifinitygamer269d ago

Hahaha, I mean, they can basically do whatever they want because they manage to still top the sales charts five years after a game is out. I can't say I disagree with you, though. Would be nice to have a tease in the same calendar year that a game is actually released, no?

Ceaser9857361269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

By now you should know R* doesn't care what you or we think. They do it on their own terms cause they know when they release a game its gonna be LOVED by you and us.. They dont appear on any stage shows they dont go on marketing their products like others.. They reveal few details and we love their games ... That being said RDR 2 gonna be frigging awesome and i Cant wait and GTAV crossed 90 Millions copies sold... and looks like by 2018 end GTAV gonna cross 100 million with ease..

pinkcrocodile75269d ago

Love Lara, always have.

However my fella made a comment that some people moaned about on here (not like I gave a F**k).

He said, whilst finishing Uncharted 4 for the second time and then The Lost Legacy" that while UC was brilliant, it will never be a patch on our Lara.

Personally I have to agree, while UC is great and it really is brilliant, Lara is "The Bollocks" and I'm expecting Shadow of the Tomb Raider to be no exception. The teaser btw looked the bollocks too. Roll on 14/09/18

ifinitygamer269d ago

Agreed. It's the classic "Tomb Raider (reboot) copied Uncharted!"
"But Uncharted copied Tomb Raider (original games)!"
"But Tomb Raider copied Indiana Jones!"

Maybe they're just all their own thing? Plenty of space for archaeological adventures, not to mention that every one of these series has been super successful, so go for it!

yomfweeee269d ago

UC is quite different than the original TR games. TR reboot is much more like UC.

_FantasmA_269d ago

Even a bad Tomb Raider game is better than Uncharted for me. Uncharted is too linear and the characters are cliched. Drake is too douchey for me and I don't he's funny or clever. Nathan Fillion as whole just doesn't do anything for me. The scripted events ruin the game as well and there's no point in replaying except to get the easy Platinum. The trophies are really lazy too as Uncharted 1-3 have almost identical trophy lists. Lara will always be bae.

P_Bomb269d ago

Gotta disagree about the characters. I just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider last month and don’t remember a single character’s name.

If the scripted events (I assume you mean set pieces) didn’t bother you in TR they shouldn’t bother you in UC. What’s one collapsing tower vs another?

Linear isn’t a bad thing. Story keeps moving forward. Your replayability argument can be applied to TR as well. Once you beat it, why else would you come back to Geothermal valley or the Russian yard except for trophies?

_FantasmA_269d ago

I haven't played Rise yet, but I'm talking about the TR franchise as a whole. TR's secondary characters aren't memorable, but they are at least likeable. And yes linear is a bad thing in Uncharted because even the treasures are barely hidden out of the way. It feels like it's on rails.

Uncharted games are games you can rent for a weekend, beat it, and return it on Monday. i actually replayed Tomb Raider 1,2, and the 2013 version about 3 times each. The treasures in the old TR games were hidden and I had to actually buy a strategy guide for the original game because I couldn't figure out how to get past the gold bars on the Midas hand.

TricksterArrow269d ago

The older Tomb Raider games are as linear as they get, citing secrets and treasures that slightly deviate from the main path as not being linear is preposterous. Also, one could argue that Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are anything but non-linear, they simply expanded on how you get secrets and treasures (as small branching missions), but the main storyline is completely linear and you can only tackle it in a very linear fashion if you choose or prefer to not get any pointless items.

Also, no. No other character, save for maybe Natla, is memorable at all from the older Tomb Raider games. It is all about Lara, and that is not a bad thing, specially when we get terrible conceived characters that are mostly plot devices such as the insufferable Reyes (criticizes Lara left and right but is actively doing nothing to get out of the island), clueless Sam ("hey Lara, people are being murdered left and right, but have you heard about Himiko? I'm telling all about it to this man I just met") and "meh" Jonah (never feels like a fully realized character, hopefully that changes in this installment).Comparing any of them to Sully, Elena and Chloe, who even got her own game (can you expect the same from anyone in Tomb Raider?) is pushing it. Like, a lot.

moegooner88269d ago

Comparing Uncharted to TR is like comparing a steak to a burger. RoTR had some of the worst level design I have seen.

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