Xbox One X 12GB GDDR5 Memory Won’t Significantly Impact PC Requirements: Conan Exiles Dev

Pramath: "Usually, we can trace the minimum requirements for PC games being raised by corresponding bumps in the specs of the consoles available on the market."

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Null1980273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

12GB..... shared between CPU and GPU. Guess it's fine for an entry point for PC level gaming without paying more. Makes more sense to pay a bit more and get a better rig which supports XB1 exclusives from this point out, Steam, other PC gaming platforms and programs as well. :\

It's pretty much a Steam Box that won't play Steam & only XB1.That's fine for people on a budget.I just think the alternative is a better option if you're willing to invest just a bit more.

Marked273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

You didn't read this carefully did you? Made some assumptions and now you look ignorant. Steam box...does not have 12gb of VRAM. The only GPU to currently provide 12GB of vram is a Titan xp...which costs 3-4 times the cost of a oneX. GDDR5 is not system is an extremely fast VRam. On average the current GPUs have 8GB of VRAM, which is not being fully used. They might change this but, most games I've played use more system ram then Vram...hopefully they decide to use more high speed memory.

Just to be clear...I own a PC
4790K @4.8
16GB DDR3 @ 2133mhz
1070 w/ 8gb vram

Also own a PS4

I dont give a flying .... what happens with Xbox...I just dont want their practices interfering with my hobby

Null1980273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Didn't click the article. Not going to give them ad revenue based on their title and description.

It's gamingbolt after all.

Not comparing it to a Steam Box in specs, just in concept.

Also the XBox One X is nowhere comparable to a Titan xp with the its weak cpu which is close to the original XB1 cpu. Completely resourcing the shared ram heavily to one side is severely consequential, not to mention there will always be ram reserved for the operating system. A system is way more than just a GPU.

Also, no need to throw names or insults. Be an adult. Or maybe I assume there are more adults here than there actually are.

Null1980273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Also, just out of curiosity... Alt account? Your last comment was 565 days ago. Just found that weird. If not, welcome back to N4G. ;P

Aenea273d ago

But it's shared memory, not 12GB dedicated video memory so it's not the same now is it?

Marked273d ago

No I rarely comment here...simply because most articles and interactions are for the lowest common denominator. I get most of my news from tech sites like Guru3d. I mainly swing by here for a bit of hyperbole.

mikeslemonade273d ago

That’s plenty of vram. Considering the next generation will come in maybe one year it’s definitely enough, no question. Also the gpu really isn’t strong enough to realistically run a game on 4k(which resolution is one of the consumers of vram). When games get more advanced the Xbox x will realistically end up running games on 1080p and 60 frames rather than 4k at 30 frames. And when that happens you will use less vram. So this article is really a redundant and duh article. Current games on 4k are using, 6-8gb (that’s my guess)

traumadisaster272d ago

Never ever click on gamingbolt, your first day?

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Null1980273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Right Aenea. So many disagrees when I was just speaking truth.

I don't hate XBox. I have most of the exclusives on my PC. I particularly love Forza, especially FH3. I'm just saying if the games are offered on PC for just a bit more plus tons of other games and functionality, I prefer to go that route. I love my PS4/PC(XB1) combo.

gapecanpie273d ago

You typed all that and yet... You have no idea what you are talking about..... Smh and faceplam

Genova84273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Why would a console's specs impact pc requirements? My rig completely blows away the xbox one x. What a stupid comment and article.

Marked273d ago

It mainly has to do with design of the engine and how it manages its resources. There has been no game that can touch the amount of memory I have available through VRAM or Ram. It would be nice to see an attempt to smooth out texture loads and shaders by preloading in vram.

kevnb273d ago

it hasnt really changed anything for pc gamers, unless of course they want a powerful console.

mkis007273d ago

I want asset streaming to be the next gen focus. No more visible popin please.

AizenSosuke272d ago

I'm not surprised Xbox ONE X is a underpowered compared to PC.

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