Equal opportunity gangstas

G&M repoorts on the strange tone Saints Row 2 takes on when playing the game as a customized avatar who doesn't fit the stereotypical gangster mold. From the story:

"My avatar ploughed an SUV into a gaggle of gangsters, hopped out and used a shotgun to blow away a couple more hoods, then picked up a massive cinder block and brained a wounded thug who was struggling back to his feet. And she did it all without dirtying her long, pink, flowery dress, getting blood on her matching blouse, or messing up the greying hair piled in a beehive above her conservatively made up face....Playing as a tough-as-nails woman gangster with several hardboiled men under her command is an odd but interestiong step toward gender equality in an interactive genus that has thus far seen most female characters relegated to the role of prostitute or nagging girlfriend..."

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