Watch Street Fighter 2 played in real life and meet the coding wizard who made it happen

Demolishing a friend in Street Fighter 2 with the perfect Shinku Hadoken is one thing; doing it on the actual street where they live is a special kind of victory. Hopefully Capcom will make it a reality, thanks to a prototype augmented reality version of the arcade classic created by technical wizard, coder, and designer Abhishek Singh.

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gigoran91d ago

Woh wait that game is running so fast. It must be street fighter 2 turbo

BlackTar18791d ago (Edited 91d ago )

lol this is like in Slo mo

BlackTar18791d ago (Edited 91d ago )


I actually meant wizard instead of genius.

fr0sty91d ago

As a tech demo, it is fascinating. I could see fighting games in AR taking off if it were done properly (and not on a cell phone with crappy control).

thejigisup91d ago

Ok so this needs to be done with soul caliber and Tekken. Then it needs to be better, like much better. Other than that looks like a good proof of concept.

Sirk7x91d ago

Think about where this is going to be in ten years.