IGN: LittleBigPlanet UK Review

Planet Earth. Or as the rest of the ominverse call it, The Orb of Dreams; the occupants of which spend so much time asleep and dreaming, their vast imaginations humming away, charged with creative energy. Where does it all go? Up through a cerebral umbilical chord where it collects and melds with all the other dreamers' energy. And something wonderful happens. It forms a world, an ethereal dreamscape of adventure and possibility. An abstract plane of beautiful wonderment, just waiting to be explored. And you can go there now…

And so begins LittleBigPlanet. It's an opening than perfectly encapsulates Media Molecule's vision of chaos, creativity and community; way more so than any bemused preview or developer insight ever could. As Stephen Fry's perfectly intoned whimsy builds, it's hard not to fall instantly for the game's charms. It's affectionate, fantastical and utterly irresistible - if you ever wanted a hug from a videogame, now's your chance.

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The gaming GOD3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

That's still too damn far away man.

Everyday has felt like 3 days since I've pre ordered this game. You'd be amazed how slow time passes when you want something bad enough

CrippleH3689d ago

^^^ MGS fan knows how you feel.

I've been waiting for MGS4 for about 4 years.

PirateThom3689d ago


Because I'm waiting for MGS5 now.

TheExecutive3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

"Despite some minor missteps, LittleBigPlanet is an absolute triumph of imagination and creativity. Its core conceits of accessibility and social play make its already ample charms even more endearing, producing a game that’s at once familiar and quite unlike anything that’s come before. It’s a celebration of inspiration and human interaction and a hugely welcome, utterly invigorating experience among usual roster of nihilistic shooters jostling for shelf space this Christmas. It’s like Bagpuss and LEGO and nostalgia met at the pub and invited everyone along – and if the big grins and warm fuzzy feelings around the office are anything to go by every time we turn it on, LittleBigPlanet deserves all the recognition it can get."


popup3689d ago

Yup. I have been describing this game to people as having all the Technical Lego sets and being shrunk down to the size of a Lego person to play with it!