Half Life is coming to Unreal Engine 4, first screenshots, first chapter will be fully playable

DSOGaming writes: "SilverTM and a team of gamers are currently working on a fan remake of Half Life/Black Mesa in Unreal Engine 4. While the team does not aim to recreate the entire game, it will release a playable version of the game’s first chapter so that everyone can experience it."

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nondescriptcitizen268d ago

Nintendo will Cease and Desist this

Asuka268d ago

Lol wut? You mean Valve, right?

Jon_Targaryen267d ago

Sarcasm, do you speak it... ?

TheOttomatic91268d ago

I’m 70% sure that’s sarcasm.

Gaming_1st267d ago

And 80% of statistics is made up on spot...

m2stech267d ago

to those who dont understand sarcasm, nintendo tends to always take action against its fan made games and mods and shuts them down.

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FlyingFoxy268d ago

Nevermind, at least Valve are going to continue making games.. Even though the new one is just a card game.

Lets hope we get some FPS titles we want soon..

winter_hill268d ago

We will. When Gabe dies and someone else takes over.

Profchaos268d ago

No one ever said hl3 though

MorpheusX268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

The Switch is a Handheld, not a console. "King of the Niche"

Its witchcraft, sorcery, & the constant droning on of media semantics, that give fanboys the impression that Nintendo is a direct competitor with Sony PS4 / Microsoft Xbox One.

A handheld is "not" a console, the switch plays games yes, but so do phones & other tablets. Its more appealing to Nintendo diehards & casuals, than "core/traditional" gamers, who play on Consoles & PC's.

The Switch is niche, yes Nintendo is mainstream but no longer traditional. Yes the switch plays Nintendo exclusives(1st party), I understand that is appealing, but again to whom?

Nintendo Diehards/Fanboys(girls) & Casuals.

Core/Traditional gamers are still going to prefer Consoles & PC's. That's never going to change. Ask the PS Vita.

So its NOT a direct competitor with Sony/Microsoft/PC.

That's witchcraft, sorcery, & the constant droning on of media semantics.

Zikax266d ago

Please tell me more.. U are interesting

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The story is too old to be commented.