Top 10 Rare Games

Not games that are hard to find, Rare games!

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maybelovehate248d ago

So many legendary games.. But I have to go with Donkey Kong Country. Although it has been years since I have played it. Maybe it wouldn't hold up haha.

link2Dpast246d ago

It definitely holds up. The aesthetics make it super unique compared to what we have now. Games are so polished. The 3D mixed with the still back drops really Aged well. Also DK country franchise from the snes hands down has the best soundtrack of all time, 1-2 are freaking incredible 3 isn't to far behind in the music

TallonIV247d ago

Diddy Kong Racing should be on this list!

Tazzy246d ago

Most games are on Nintendo consoles Microsoft should use RARE more than they do they've owned RARE since the first Xbox came out and they don't put out many games. Conker 2 would be great another Perfect Dark that should be better than Perfect Dark Zero no clue why Microsoft or Sony, Nintendo don't go after the James Bond 007 license. :\